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Hairy Subjects – Hair Loss Due to Excessive Masturbation and the Truth about Penis Enlargement

This case covers a gentleman that, through obsessive masturbation over a lengthy period of time, has led to some unwanted side effects. He’s already taking one of our natural healing remedies, and seeing great results, but just wants some advice on a couple of additional issues.

Case #: 720


I have used ViaPAl-hGH-S package a few months ago, the pain I used to experience in my testicles during ejaculation ceased after just one week. I have a few questions though:

1) What do I need to do to focus on enlarging the size of my penis. What can I do about helping in this?

2) What about hair loss. I want to do something about me losing my hair after having masturbated for many years. Will it grow back?


The big kahuna…having a big package; having the right sized equipment to get the job done.

Conflicting Messages
On a regular basis, we as men are fed this one-way diatribe telling us that you can’t fully satisfy a woman unless you’re packing a big penis. Many women may tell you that politically correct old saying: “It’s not the size, it’s the way that a man uses what he’s got,” but we all know that you’re not going to be causing any screaming orgasms with an elevator button.

Researcher reports that men seeking to increase their penis size try to do so in many different ways, including mechanical devices, and potentially dangerous surgical procedures and penis exercises. If you Google “penis enlargement,” you’ll come up with a whole host of whacky techniques and bizarre exercises such as jelging, where men are basically jerking their penises like a cow’s nipple.

This has led to many self-inflicted injuries, up to and including actually fracturing one’s penis. All of the nonsense aside, what you’ve done through excessive masturbation is build up the amount of plaque in your penile chambers, restricting the amount of blood that can be used to pump it up before sexual activity.

Your hair loss is not only due to heightened stress levels, but could also be a negative side-effect of your diabetes medication. In addition to this, your obsessive masturbatory habits over a long period of time have led to an overload of testosterone-DHT conversion, and that excess DHT is now literally conducting a full-out war on your hair follicles. So what can we do about these lingering issues?

Real Healing

Engage in regular exercise, including cardiovascular training. This promotes increases blood flow efficiency and circulation, since overmasturbation has caused much of your blood to be localized around your reproductive areas, and lacking in your scalp region. Take a few weeks off from all sexual activity, and allow your body to start healing. You’re already on the right path with your current program, so stay on it!

Also, according to the health experts that, taking a botanical formula is not only harmless, but is much more effective in helping you achieve positive results. The special properties in these natural remedies [SEE: herbal formula for very severe hair loss] promote hair follicle recovery by supplying them with the proper enzymes and nutrients that they need.

And although there are no miracle solutions to adding inches to your penis size, using these powerful herbs will enable you to get harder for longer when you do engage in sexual activity by clearing those blocked penile chambers. So don’t waste your time or money on smoke-in-mirrors gimmicks and gizmos, take a more wholistic and natural path back to your normal self.

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