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Weak Erections Killing Your Sex Life? Blame Performance Anxiety

Our friend suffers from an all-too-common problem: the inability to hold a solid erection during sex. If this embarrassing scourge has ever hindered your own sex life, you're going to want to read on. The underlying cause may surprise you.

Case #: 395


My first problem is that I want to have a thicker and longer penis. I am between 5.5"-6.5" in length and 1-1.5 inches in diameter. I would like to increase the length to 7-8" and the thickness to 2-3". Sometimes when having intercourse, I lose my erection and I hope this can also be resolved using the same advice as for the above two functions and problems.


You're definitely not alone here. While many guys obsess over the length and diameter of their penis, some people suffer from an even more serious issue: weak erections. After all, you can have a 9-inch freight train between your legs, but it's not going to do you much good if it won't spring to life. You can forget about hitting that elusive G-spot.

The Real Issue

It sounds like your problem stems from performance anxiety. Like an athlete who can't score a touchdown under pressure, your self-consciousness is sabotaging your sexual prowess. Look at it this way: The penis is just a set of interconnected chambers made of tissues. When you get an erection, your body is pumping blood to the penis and filling those chambers. It doesn't sound so sexy when you put it that way, but that's how it works.

When you start feeling those pangs of anxiety, your body releases stress hormones. Why is that a problem? Because stress hormones constrict blood vessels, and as we already established, your penis needs that blood to hold a strong erection. Even the most sexually potent men can lose that magic spark when overcome with sexual performance anxiety.

Take Your Manhood Back

If you want to get your mojo back (as Austin Powers would say), you need to get that blood pumping to its maximum capacity. When healthy blood flow returns to those chambers, you're back in the game. And not only does more blood ensure a rock hard performance; it can even increase the size of your erection. And come on; who among us would refuse a little extra mass between our legs?

“More blood flow” sounds great in theory, but how do you put it into practice? You can purchase one of those magic penis growth pumps over the Internet...but don't. Not only are they ineffective; they can actually damage the delicate tissue. Don't compromise you sexual health over a cheap novelty item.

Instead, you can benefit greatly from specialized herbal remedies. Herbs like Tongkat Ali, Herba Cistanchi, Morinda Root and Epimedium promote healthy and sustained blood flow to the penis, and that means bigger and stronger erections for you. So take command of your penile girth, and give your partner a reason to scream with delight.

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