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Dildo’d to Death – Calming an Over-Worked Clit

A young woman is doing what is only natural: fun dildo play. But it seems she might be going a little overboard since her sex drive (like many people) is pretty up there in the stratosphere. How can she not only recover from the new pains that she is suffering from, but also be able to carry on with her masturbation sessions even better than before?

Case #: 1816


I am a 24 yr.-old woman who is very in touch with my body. I have been masturbating since I was about 8 yrs. old. I used to be a woman with a very high sex drive. Now, the pain I fell during sex keeps me away from the euphoric pleasures. Is it possible that I have damaged the nerve endings in my clitoris?


Being “in touch” with your body is an understatement (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Don’t feel alone; millions of women do clit workouts with their “little friends” in the form of dildos and vibrators. If a woman has ever said that she doesn’t masturbate at all, I get suspicious. I mean come on, there is nothing to be all ashamed about; it’s a natural part of life and most healthy human beings do it. A little self-sexy time is even good for you, as it keeps all of your reproductive processes; all your tubes, wires, and fluids, in good working order. It also helps to prevent such maladies as the dreaded yeast infection.

Warning: Can Become Broken When Overused

Too much masturbation however, can affect you adversely. When you stimulate yourself too often whether through manual masturbation, insatiable sex, porn viewing, and the like, you force your body to release too much the pleasure hormone dopamine. This constant influx of dopamine can overwork your adrenal system since it is the precursor to stress hormones.

Too much hanky-panky can also result in your body releasing excessive amounts of prostaglandin E-2, which can inflame your private parts and cause vaginal pains and discomfort. So not only are you stressing out your poor overworked body, but you’re also causing it an undue amount of wear & tear, and pain. So what’s the solution? Read on and find out...

The Good News! (For You and Your Clit)

Think of an over-worked muscle that you’ve worn out at the gym. What would you normally do… keep working out with it? Unless you’re a masochist probably not, right? Well think of your vagina as a super-sensitive and much more delicate and complex muscle. Would you want to work it out too much if it became injured? No – so take some time off from your rigorous masturbatory habits and give your poor va-jay-jay a little time to recover; at least until you take care of your symptoms.

Certain Herbal Remedies are available that can greatly help to accelerate your recovery process and heal your body from the inside out. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Restoration) These powerful botanicals first go to work by stimulating blood circulation within your groin region. They then deliver their highly effective healing properties into the area, saturating your vagina and rebuilding the damaged nerve endings and tissue tears present.

Meanwhile, your body can enjoy a replenishment process wherein it is flooded with fresh androgen hormones which rebalance your body’s natural levels. Eventually, when your body is fully rejuvenated, you can enjoy not only a heightened sense of well-being and clarity, but also a naturally induced increase of toe-curling orgasms. How’s that for being “in touch?

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Clitoral & Vaginal Repair

This formula is based on ancient Chinese Medicine methods of promoting the secretion of female hormones and enhancing sexual response and sensitivity. The herbs in this formula can increase clitoral stimulation by improving blood circulation to the...

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