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Wearing It Out Has Worn It Down

Over-masturbation has reduced him to almost half of what he used to be. If he's exercising it, shouldn't it be getting bigger? What has he done, and how can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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At one point in my life I had a very large penis that measured 8 inches. I am afraid that because of over masturbation I have damaged my penis. I masturbate once a day and now I can no longer last as long during intercourse. I have also noticed that my penis size has lost almost 3 inches. I don't know what is wrong. My penis is shrinking. Please help me!


It's very tempting to think of your penis as just another limb, because that reduces it to something you can understand. You get bigger muscles on your arms and legs by using them constantly, so “exercising” your penis can only make it bigger, right? Unfortunately, the penis has no bones or muscles in it. Erections use a completely different process to do their work, and not respecting that process can cost you a lot.

What's The Difference?

Three tubes filled with spongy tissue run the length of your penis: the right and left corpus cavernosum form the bulk of your erection, and the corpus spongiosum keeps your urethra from collapsing from the pressure. When your erection is triggered, tiny valves open up to allow blood to fill those tissues until they get the signal to close. Upon ejaculation, the valves get a signal to open up again to let the blood drain back out.

What's Broken?

Erections can only happen and stay strong when the tissues are sufficiently elastic. If you're eating a lot of fatty foods, some of that fat will build up on the inner surfaces of the blood vessels serving the tissues. Also, every erection will result in a few tiny leaks, which the body can easily repair if you give it about three or four days to do so. But if you masturbate more often than that, those few tiny leaks and half-finished repairs will start adding up to a significant loss of pressure and penis shrinkage.

Get an unlubricated condom. You can blow it up like a balloon and let the air out, and it will still serve its primary function adequately. Now put a few drops of latex-based paint on it and let the paint dry. (Don't try to wear the condom if you do this.) If the paint stuck to the condom, the paint won't expand if you inflate the condom again. Keep going and repeat the cycle until you have a few dozen dried paint dots. Sooner or later the condom will burst, but before it does, you'll have a very strange shape that is nowhere near as large as it was without any paint.

Your penis is more like a few hundred or thousand very small condoms being inflated inside a larger one; you can “lose” a good percentage of the smaller ones and still have an effective erection. However, you will still notice the loss when your penis does not rise to the same size as it had been previously.

How Do I Rebuild It?

The first and most important step is to stop masturbating as much as possible for a while, to let your penis heal. Your health-care provider will be able to give you a more precise duration, but for most guys you should plan for no ejaculations over three weeks. It's okay if you slip a time or two. Just reset the clock and start again.

While you're waiting, you should look into improving your diet, like cutting down on fatty foods and increasing your zinc and B-Complex consumption. There are hundreds of excellent sources of both nutrients and hundreds of thousands of recipes just waiting for you to sample. Who knows, learning to cook healthy foods to get the nutrients you need to regenerate your erection may become a new hobby.

You should also look into setting up a personalized moderate exercise program to build up your testosterone levels (which help power your erection) and your self-confidence, as well as metabolizing your stress hormones.

The best boost you can give your recovering penis is from an all-natural herbal supplement, designed to address the underlying causes of the symptoms you describe. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penis Growth & Tissue Restoration) While it's dissolving scar tissue and helping to seal those tiny leaks, it will also enhance your erection stamina and improve blood circulation. Even better, it will help restore your lost length and even thicken your penis, to give your partner additional pleasure.

By applying patient and diligent effort, you can undo the damage done to your penis, and even enjoy even more impressive erections.

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