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Everything You Know About Penis Growth is Wrong - I Have Tried Jelqing Techniques, Manual Stretching and Nothing Seems to be Working

Learn the shocking facts about penis stretching, and find out why you can actually lose inches as a result of this misguided practice.
Case #: 1577

I have a rather small penis. I have read the article on penis size and my penis is definitely in the small side. I have tried jelqing techniques, manual stretching and nothing seems to be working. What can I do to get the results I want? Please help.

Good evening, my friend. I would like to tell you a tale of Arabian Nights. Our story takes place in a far-off land of enchantment. There are magic carpets, great sorcerers, and—according to legend—a powerful genie doomed to spend eternity inside a magic lamp.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: A 31-year-old male tries penile stretches and learns they cause shrinkage. Now on a quest to increase his penis size, he discovers the importance of penile enhancement supplements. Find out how this man learned to grow his penis. If you want more help, leave us your comments below.
Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
On to Plan B

Rule #1: Get your hand off your penis (if you actually had your hand on your penis right there, I apologize for scaring you; I'm not actually looking at you through your webcam...or am I?). Jelqing is a dangerous exercise that can damage the sensitive tissues and blood vessels along your penis, thereby crippling your ability to achieve a strong erection and leaving you feeling smaller than before.
So if you take nothing else away from this over-bloated but hopefully helpful narrative, remember that manual stretching exercises and ineffective and potentially harmful. If you want to improve your penis size, the best approach is to use healthy, natural herbs.
Herbs for Penis Enlargement (No Magic Lamp Required)

Growth doesn't occur through stretching; growth occurs through properly managing your body's natural hormones. Think of your hormones as being the source code of your reproductive system. If you want to upgrade your hardware, you need to ensure that your code is optimized to give you what you want.
In this case, you want to increase your production of HGH, Dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine, because that will help you to achieve the tissue growth, blood flow and plaque breakdown necessary to give you the size you're looking for.
If you find yourself masturbating frequently, I'm also going to recommend that you cut back, because all of that self-love will deplete your body of these essential hormones and potentially lead to internal scarring, which blocks the flow of blood.
Stick with botanical ingredients like Deer Antler, Fo Ti, Cuscuta and Panax Ginseng, which are readily available in the form of herbal preparations. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Growth & Restoration) You may not experience a magic carpet ride, but you'll still be flying pretty high.

What to do

Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start taking Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement.

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