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Male Menopause - It's Not a Myth

I was masturbating four to six times every day. Now at age 56, I suffer from erections remain weak

Case #: 390


I first started masturbating at age 8, and I became addicted to it. By age 11, I was masturbating four to six times every day. Now at age 56, I suffer from depression, mood swings, lack of interest in sex. I am now impotent and my erections remain weak, even after hand stimulation. What’s wrong with me!


Judging by your list of symptoms, you are showing signs of male menopause, a condition researchers have proved that occurs to a portion of male population. Male menopause, unlike menopause, does not occur to all males, and men will not display all the symptoms associated with the condition.

Some men experience a handful of issues, while others will combat a gamut of problems. And what’s the cause for all these strange issues? According to studies, men experience a drop of hormones during their middle ages, specifically to testosterone levels in the blood, that cause the sudden changes in emotions and erectile strength.

3 Symptoms

Three key symptoms diagnose the condition, the lack of an erection in the morning, a decreased sex drive and moodiness. While men may showcase other, less significant issues, including fatigue, loss of energy and depression. In your particular case, excessive masturbation collated with age, have depleted your hormones and cause your erection issues.


Medicinal plants and herbs have been used across the world for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to support human health, including for symptoms of male menopause and sexual exhaustion. Avena Sativa, for example regulates testosterone production while decreasing SHBG levels that alter erectile strength. Other helpful herbs include Cuscuta, an herb that increases the production of Nitric Oxide Synthease for a harder and fuller erection.

If you’re tired of suffering from constant weak erections, try an all-natural formula to restore your body to its original state. Together with herbal supplements, your hormonal levels can improve while your sex drive and erectile strength return to its normal state.

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