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Sexually Abused Boy Suffering from Sexual Dysfunction

Sexually abused man now suffers from preamture ejaculation and low sex drive.

Case #: 372


Sexual abuse creates a bevy of mental and physical problems for men and women. As a young boy, I remember being breastfed until I was 7-years old. When I was being breastfed, I remember my mother stroking my penis until I would ejaculate. According to my mother, her reasons for abusing me were to help my penis grow. She too required that I breastfeed for as long as possible to help me grow. Now as an adult, I continue to suffer from mental problem as well as physical ones.

I often cannot enjoy a fruitful relationship with a woman. The times that I have been in a relationship, I am emotional unattached. I rarely enjoy sex, and when I do engage in it, I often ejaculate much too soon. My partners often complain about my lack of endurance, and even I feel depressed and angry over my inabilities. I notice my lack of sex drive and nervous disorders have been linked to my early abuse. What is wrong with me?


Sorry to hear about your ill fortunate at such a young age. Most adults who suffer from sexual abuse as children often do not enjoy sex later in life. Too, most children who have been abused often suffer from nervous disorders and issues with relationships. It seems obvious that the trauma created during your childhood continues to linger today.

Why You Do Not Enjoy Sex
Several men and women who have suffered from sexual abuse often distance themselves from sex. Often times the mind connects present-day sexual encounters to abuse suffered as a child, reminding an individual of less-than enjoyable moments of sex. Other times, the lack of sexual desires can be because of hormonal imbalances. In your case, it may be both. You began masturbating at a young age—even though it was not by choice. You may have later continued the act that may have caused a severe hormone imbalance.

The imbalance of neurotransmitters and hormones can lead to a weakening of the sex drive and erections. Meanwhile, abusive masturbation may also have lead to prostate and urethral damage. The early abrasions may have been caused by the sexual abuse you suffered from. Early abrasions can alter a growing prostate, resulting in premature ejaculation once the prostate fully develops.

Fixing The Problem
Most men and women who suffer from sexual abuse often seek help from licensed professional. The mental healing process varies from individual to individual. Some men heal faster than others, but it’s a long and often painful process.

As for the physical defects, healing the prostate and improving the libido takes time. Most men who take all-natural supplements and refrain from all sexual activity can be healed within the few months. Try Griffonia & Passion Flower herbal blend that can help you calm your over-excited ejaculatory nerve down and while providing the prostate essential nutrients to heal the abrasions.

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