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Whackin’ it Until Your Back Feels it – Obsessive Masturbation and Back Pain

A gentleman has been enduring copious amounts of stress and has resorted to masturbation to fixing all of life’s problems. Now his back feels as though a prime Mike Tyson punched him there as hard as he could. What’s going on here?

Case #: 1489


I have been through a lot of mental stress lately. I went to a doctor and was told my adrenals are blown and I need to relax more often. It is not as easy to relax for me, I feel like I need to rejuvenate my body. I have been a very frequent masturbator, at least once a day because it makes me relax and keeps my mind at ease. I have lower back pain and it really hurts. Does this have anything to do with masturbation?


Contemporary society is fraught with both real and perceived perils and pitfalls, and sometimes they can all combine to seem insurmountable and overwhelming. You don’t need to look far to find someone who is going through the seemingly living nightmares of stress, with the way that the economy has turned out (dire straits).

Grinding Yourself Up from the Inside

I personally know of someone who has a deep underwater mortgage, and someone else who has made an enemy at work and is on the verge of quitting her job. And let’s not forget the impersonal nature of modern communication. We’ve all experienced trying to get something done over the phone with big companies these days, only to be placed on indefinite hold or bounced endlessly around between departments. So how can this overload of stress affect you?

Firstly, what do many people do to try to alleviate stress? You are correct; masturbate. For some, such as yourself, masturbation can begin to seem like a crutch, holding things upright in order to not fall into despair and fixate on the things that are stressing you out. Every time that you over masturbate without resting in between sessions; your body exhausts itself of neurochemicals and androgen hormones such as testosterone, DHT, DHEA, and acetylcholine.

Meanwhile, prostaglandin E-2, which normally helps to smooth out your muscles after your rigorous masturbatory sessions, starts to accumulate to dangerous levels, and eventually causes inflammation within your body, including your lower back and entire pelvic cavity. You can compare this to gunning your car down the street repeatedly with one foot on the gas and one grinding down on the brake at the same time. So what can you do to get yourself out of this predicament?

Riiiiiiing! It’s Your Old Self Calling

Jerking off more than once per day means that you are in the severely addictive stage of excessive masturbation, so in order to start to calm things down try reducing the total volume of your masturbation sessions to 4 at the most (per week). That doesn’t mean multi-part sessions where you ejaculate, go off to eat a sandwich, and then come back to it again; it means one ejaculation per session.

Many people need additional help in their healing processes, and that’s where taking a natural restoration solution can come in handy. These potent mixtures work in conjunction with your body’s natural healing processes, augmenting them, while also providing the necessary elements needed for a full recovery. (TRY: Back Pain Relief Herbal Formula) Key benefits include providing your body with DHEA, DHT, and testosterone, which will calm your adrenal reaction and normalize your stress levels.

Herbs such as Milk Thistle can help to restore your liver function and boost its ability to detoxify your body, while others such as Guarana Seed and Maca can help to greatly improve your energy levels for improved mental lucidity. As your body’s hormones re-balance, your prostaglandin E-2 can be allowed to subside and you can return to a pain-free life again. So take that one foot of the brake and accelerate toward a normal life with the other!

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