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Drip, Drip – Enlarged Prostate Spells Big Trouble

At age 45, he started to notice an embarrassing problem: dribbling urine. It's a common affliction in older men, but what causes it? More importantly, what can be done? Learn the facts.

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Hi, I'm a 45 year-old male with no history of medical problems. I've noticed for the last few months an awkward problem that fortunately no else notices, at least not yet. If I suddenly start to cough or sneeze, I let out a slight dribble of urine. What worries me is that it seems to be getting worse, and I'm afraid pretty soon that I will start to noticeably wet myself. Is this a normal part of getting older or do I have some kind of problem?


Welcome to the wonders of middle age. As you get older, you start to notice the kinds of unfortunate afflictions that you once observed in your grandfather: slower mobility, a total disinterest in the music of the day, a newfound love of afternoon sleep, and that dreaded urinary incontinence. Yes, getting older sucks, and it sounds like you have an enlarged prostate.

Prostate enlargement affects millions of aging men, but 45 is still a bit on the younger aside. Most commonly, natural prostate enlargement rears its ugly head when you reach your mid-50s. Do you have a lot of sex? Masturbate frequently? Have a family history of prostate problems? The cause may be as simple as an imbalance of sex hormones, but the important thing is that we find a solution.

Prostate Enlargement – More Than a Little Annoying

Your prostate, like your bladder, is connected to your urethra and your seminal vesicles, which extend to the penis. When the prostate is enlarged, additional pressure is placed on these tubes, potentially leading to premature ejaculation and urinary incontinence.

Dribbling urine is just the tip of the iceberg. As prostate enlargement takes hold, it can cause severe urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and a need to frequently urinate...sometimes without success. But these are just the physical side effects.
The emotional and psychological effects can be much worse. There's the anxiety, the frustration, the embarrassment. Some men even report experiencing depression. I mean, you're not in puberty anymore, so your penis shouldn't be causing you this kind of emotional strife! So what can we do about it?

The Herbal Solution

In order to get things back in working order, we need to restore your healthy prostate function. As it turns out, there's nothing new under the sun, and prostate enlargement is not simply a 21st century problem.
Even the ancient Aztecs knew the scourge of prostate inflammation, and as with most ailments that afflicted the Aztec Empire, these forward-thinking warriors used effective herbs to treat a wealth of conditions, including the effects of urinary incontinence. Too bad they didn't have an herb to cure themselves of the Spanish conquerors.

In today's world, we have the science and technology to actually test the efficacy of ancient remedies, and medical professionals have discovered that the Aztecs were way ahead of their time. Just as the Aztecs used pumpkin seed remedies with flax seed, Dianthus, Patrinia Herb and other ingredients to treat prostate problems (SEE: Aztec secret formulation for urinary & prostate problems), you can do the same, and achieve great results. I would recommend trying an Aztec formulation for yourself, and see how it works wonders for your dribbling urine.

What to do

Aztec Secret Formulation for Urinary & Prostate Control

Stop rushing to the bathroom and start relaxing. If you suffer from bladder problems, take the ancient Aztec formula to help ease your woes.

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