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The Penile Rumor - Frequent Sex Can Enlarge Your Penis

his gentleman writes in and asks if the recent rumors that he heard from his friend are true with regards to penis growth. Let’s separate the fact from fiction and discuss the realities of gaining a bigger package.

Case #: 1555


Hi there again. My friend and I were having a discussion about sex and he claims that having sex will make your penis bigger permanently. Is this true? I know that when you have sex your penis will get bigger during intercourse but I didn't know that it will get bigger from the more sex you have. If this isn't true, can you tell me how I can grow it permanently?


Believe it or not; guys check out other guys’ packages. This is not a gay thing at all (in most cases); it’s just a way to gauge what other men are packing in order to see where you stand, size-wise. In the military we had open communal showers and it was quite common so see soldiers flashing quick glances at each other’s nether regions in order to gain some intel.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: A 33-year-old man discovers our site through a friend, but he still remains skeptical that penile enhancement works. Find out for yourself how it works while one of our experts explains how you too can experience penile enhancement.

Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview

Gossip and Hearsay

Sometimes, this would turn into some playful taunting such as when a rather well-endowed gentleman would enter the shower. His nick-name ended up being “Donkey-boy.” Conversely, some of the lesser gifted individuals would be heckled and downright shamed with regards to their smaller members. This would usually result in them waiting until the other soldiers had vacated the showers, at which time they would slip in for a quick wash.

Guys that are more endowed sometimes start half-baked rumors on how they gained their size, such as your friend relating to you about having sex being a major factor in penile growth. Some of these rumors do indeed contain a grain or two of truth, but there are additional considerations that should be further investigated.

Pump, Pump, Pump it Up, the Natural Way

Sexual intercourse can make your penis larger, but there is a trick to it. Your penis is sort of like an expanding balloon; as you become more sexually aroused the tiny interconnected penile chambers engorge with blood (instead of air) in order to aid in your erection quality.

As you get ready to climax, your penis becomes especially hard and your partner will usually be able to sense this; you might have already heard her say something during heated sex-talk while having sex. Something like “I can feel it getting super-hard!” while gasping for air. But instead of following through with cuming, try grasping your penis at its base with your thumb and a couple of fingers in a circle and apply pressure to it while resisting the urge to ejaculate.

This will strengthen your parasympathetic nerves which act as the valve that cut off your semen. Training your penis and prostate to hold back in this manner and then re-stimulating it by continuing sex, will allow your blood chambers to stay swollen with blood for lengthier periods of time. This is not only great for her as she’ll think that you’re a ravenous Sex-God and can orgasm over and over, but it also can lead to permanent penis growth.

Try this technique out: lie on your back and have her lay on top of you with her back facing you and legs slightly parted. Caress her breasts and make-out with her while you both engage in some dirty talk. While this is happening, have her massage your growing rod and at some point, guide your penis head just inside of her vagina. Fight back the urge to stuff it in, and have her grasp the base of your penis as mentioned above.

Pop your penis head in and out of her vagina as she holds onto its base and you will find that she will become very lubricated with vaginal juices. This bio-feedback will enable you to become harder in turn and just before you feel like busting a nut, hold back as also mentioned above. Do this process over and over for a few times before you shove it in, and over time you can experience natural penis growth.

For many men however, an extra boost is needed in order to facilitate this process, and that’s where taking a natural sexual enhancement mixture comes in. These powerful herbal concoctions can aid in penile tissue growth by providing your body with extra testosterone and nitric oxide. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Penile Enlargement & Growth) As these tissues expand, your penile chambers will be able to soak-up more blood in their spongy fibers. What does this mean? A larger penis and one satisfied and exhausted lover. So get hip and get past all of the rumors and gossip; take action and get bigger!

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Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start taking Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement.

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