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Can He Recover From Severe Testicle Damage?

14 years ago, an auto accident almost cost him his sex life: he lost one of his testicles, his erection had shrunk and his sperm count has dropped nearly to none. Can he bring up his testosterone levels? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I am 38 years old and have been struggling with impotence for most of my life. When I was 24 I was involved in an auto accident that ended in the removal of one of my testicles. Soon after that I noticed that my penis size when erect had decreased by almost half. My sperm count also seems to have decrease to almost zero. Can you please help me increase my testosterone? I know that my testosterone levels are low and are the reason that is causing all of this.


As most everyone knows, testosterone is THE male hormone, and that it is responsible for your sex drive. What they may not know is that testosterone is also critically important for increasing the mass of your muscles and bones, as well as actually helping to power your erections (among other functions). And although you can get some of it from your adrenal glands and possibly even your skin, the vast majority of it is manufactured in your testicles.

A Sex-Life Barely Alive

Under normal circumstances your body regulates your testosterone levels in three ways. First, of course, is to reduce the amount manufactured in the first place. Next is for the liver to filter out excess quantities. Third is through a compound called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (“SHBG”), manufactured in the liver. Hormones stuck to SHBG molecules cannot enter cells to do their work.

Scientific studies have shown that between 1-2% of the testosterone in your body is “free” or otherwise not attached to SHBG molecules. SHBG is something like the tanker-trucks that move very large quantities of liquids from manufacturing sites to packaging facilities; think of “bound” testosterone as hundreds of gallons of milk only available all at once, while “free” testosterone is more like milk available in individual cartons or jugs.

Nature Of The Crash

What's probably happening is that your remaining testicle is producing as much testosterone as it can, but your liver is still manufacturing at least twice as much SHBG as you need. In fact, one of the key metrics of “male menopause” is the gap between your testosterone levels and your SHBG levels. Testosterone production starts dropping with age, with less and less made over time; in contrast, more and more SHBG appears in the bloodstream as time goes on.

Studies have also shown that decreased testosterone levels can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity (and thus possibly diabetes) as well as cardiovascular problems; testosterone helps build up muscle mass, remember? And what is the heart but a fist-sized, hollow lump of muscle? So maintaining your testosterone levels might be a much more important part of overall health than “merely” maintaining your erections.

How Can We Rebuild It?

Your health-care provider will probably have several ideas, mostly involving prescription medications. If you're very lucky, you will also receive advice about diet, exercise and supplements. Testosterone is chemically derived from cholesterol, which means that you need to eat plenty of protein and a reasonable amount of both kinds of fats (saturated vs. unsaturated). Similarly, you should eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and several others) because it helps prevent what testosterone you do have from being turned into estrogen. Do your own research and consult with a nutritionist to figure out what selection of foods will best suit your needs.

Engaging in a light-to-moderate exercise program will also help, but be careful to stay in the “zone” where your newly-increased testosterone levels don't get consumed by increasing muscle and bone mass. The rule of thumb, whether you join a gym or build a regimen around what you learn from Internet articles or books from your local library, is to respect your limits. It's fine to push your limits under careful supervision, once in a while, if you are in a competition, but for your weekly regimen, strive to build slowly, so you can keep the gains.

Finally, consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to help boost your body's capacity to manufacture testosterone. (TRY: Natural Deer Antler Herbal Formula for Testosterone Balancing) This, in turn, will result in improved stamina and libido, as well as improved recovery from sexually-draining activities.

The most important elements in your recovery regimen are patience and persistence. You've been dealing with this problem for years, and your body will need lots of help. Making a plan, including any and all of the tools you choose to employ, and sticking to it for the long haul, will be your key to success. Good luck!

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