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When Good Prostates Go Bad – The Unsuspecting Source of your Penis Pain

Is your flow of urine starting to sting a bit? You may be suffering from the scourge of prostate inflammation. Learn the facts, and treat the cause before the problem gets worse.

Case #: 1433


Dear Dr. Lin, For about two months now I've been experiencing pain in my penis. I have no problems urinating, just a weird sensation after finishing. There is no other pain. I experienced these symptoms one morning after I finished masturbating. Prior to this problem I would have sex once a week and masturbate once or twice a day. I saw a urologist and he said my prostate was irritated. He gave me Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim ds/tab 800 once a day, said to change my diet, and drink plenty of water. I was feeling better and after two weeks he said to take 1/2 tablet twice a day. Now I have good days where I thought the problem went away to bad weeks at a time where I'm becoming very frustrated. Please help with any suggestions to my problem and advise you may have.


Old men are constantly complaining about their prostate, while young guys hardly seem to know what purpose the gland even serves. You might even think that the prostate just magically grows in like a tumor at age 60.

“Welcome to old age. Here's your AARP card, your standard issue walking cane and your complimentary prostate.” But paradoxically, the time to take care of your prostate is right now, when you're young and healthy. Much like an appendix, you don't even notice until it declares war on your body. In your case, the prostate is making itself known in the form of severe penis pain.

The Cause of Your Pain

What you have described are the symptoms of urethritis. Though the problem indicates a presence of inflammation and infection along the urethra, the problem actually begins further back, in the prostate. The pain you're feeling is due to prostate or urethral abrasion that results from corrosion by the ejaculation flow jet.

Ejaculation itself isn't corrosive, but when you do it constantly, you deplete important hormones from the semen (specifically the hormone Proastaglandin E-1), causing the liquid to become highly alkaline. Suddenly, the simple act of ejaculating is like pouring Drano through your pipes. It destroys everything in its path.

So what does this have to do with your uncomfortable urine, you ask? When the accumulated alkaline in your urethra comes into contact with the uric acid in your urine, the reaction can be very painful. It's like a science experiment gone terribly wrong (and one that would certainly disqualify you from the 8th grade science fair). In order to eliminate the pain, you need to treat the prostate inflammation and restore the quality of your semen.

Alleviating the Pain

Beware of pharmaceutical drugs formulated for prostate inflammation. They might offer temporary relief from the major symptoms, but they can carry other severe sexual side effects, like premature ejaculation, soft erections and even penis shrinkage. You would be much better off with a natural herbal supplement, which actually gets to the root of the problem by restoring optimal hormone levels and repairing damaged tissue. (TRY: Natural Cranberry Herbal Formula with Hibiscus for Prostate Health)

In addition, cut back on the masturbation. I know it can be difficult, especially since popular culture has evolved into a seemingly endless sex parade, but the more you care for your prostate now, the less it will betray you when you reach those golden years.

What to do

Cranberry Urinary Tract Infection Remedy with Hibiscus

Slightly high in sugar, these bright-red treats remain the as the most effective, all-natural remedy for combating UTIs, Urethritis, and bladder infection.

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