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30 Seconds of Heaven, and a Night in the Dog House – Getting a Grip on Premature Ejaculation

He was unable to last longer than 30 seconds in the bedroom, and as you can imagine, it was really taking a toll on his love life. Learn the story, and find out how you too can take control of this all-too-common situation.

Case #: 925


Hello, I have premature ejaculation because I ejaculate after 30 seconds of penetrating vagina. When I was 12, I played with vibrator and I pressed the vibrator to my penis. It makes me ejaculated even though my penis is still flaccid. But during that time, nothing coming out from my penis, just a sensational feeling of ejaculation without semen coming out. When I reach 15, semen starts to coming out. And I continued to play with the vibrator until I reached 16. After that, I can ejaculate just by pressing at the base of my penis with hard object and not using the vibrator anymore. Now while having sex with my girlfriend, I can't last longer than 30 seconds. Please helps me? Are there any physical injuries to my nerves or my penis? I didn’t do it much, I mean ejaculate with vibrator or hard object frequently. Sometimes once a month or once a week only.


Since the dawn of human civilization, men have been seeking and exploring creative ways to masturbate. From sticking it under a bath faucet to wedging it between two mattresses, there is no limit to the methods men will attempt to enhance their self-love exercises. Unfortunately, though, abusive masturbation tactics can have devastating consequences, as they distort natural sexual functions and place tremendous strain on the sexual nerves. Masturbating with a vibrator against your penis might provide intense stimulation, but it can also contribute to severe blood vessel damage.

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Bruises a Penis

Vibrators make great toys for vaginas and rambunctious cats (turn one on and place it in front of the cat; you'll see what I mean), but they're not great for penises. In fact, vibrators place unnatural pressure on the penis, which can cause severe damage to the cylinder lining.

Additionally, over-masturbation in general can lead to hormone imbalances and causes inflammatory hormones like prostaglandin E-2 and DHT to inflame the prostate and urethra. Who knew that your hormones could actually turn on you, right?

But why is this important? Why emphasize the role of prostate and urethral inflammation when you're obviously just looking for a helpful solution? Because prostate inflammation is a leading cause of premature ejaculation.

When the prostate becomes enlarged, the ejaculatory function is compromised. The valve that regulates the flow of semen loses its strength, and the presence of inflammatory hormones forces your body into a fight-or-flight mode, accelerating your semen flow in the hopes of fleeing some perceived danger (of course, the real danger is rolling over and going to sleep when your partner hasn't experienced any sort of satisfaction).

Hope for a Stiffer Tomorrow

I'm going to recommend an herbal remedy containing Guarana and Schisandra. (TRY: Painful Penis Relief Remedy) The herbs will treat your blood vessel damage and restore your nerves while supplying your reproductive system with much needed chemicals like nitric oxide. With your system back in order, and your hormones at optimal levels, you should be able to last much longer than the embarrassing 30-second sessions to which you have become accustomed. You'll also feel a lot more confident in yourself as you leave your partner feeling like a million bucks...that is, unless you kill the mood some other way, like by asking her to open the back door for you.

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