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What Can I do to Avoid The Sexual Side Effects of Anti-Depressants?

His use of antidepressants have caused numerous sexual side effects he wishes to rid.

Case #: 29175


I used to have a high sex drive. Before, I could easily masturbate 3,4, 5 times a day—and still want more! Before, I could have a marathon worth of sex with my wife. Before, I could ejaculate and could be ready for more sex within a minute. Now, I cannot masturbate too often. Now, I can barely keep an erection during sex. Now, it takes ages for me to ready myself for sex after an ejaculation.

My once voracious sexual appetite has transformed into diminutive sex appeal. I noticed the changes started to occur after a few months from SSRI drugs. How can I regain my manhood, please my wife, and fight the depression without the drugs?


Your problems are common among men who take SSRIs for extended periods. SSRIs manage to cause a serotonin imbalance that leaves men vulnerable to sexual dysfunctions, i.e., weak erections, premature ejaculation, and impotence. For someone as yourself, you need to control your intake of the chemical to see a return of your normal sexual functions.

The Cause Behind SSRIs

SSRIs block the re-uptaking of serotonin in the brain. This re-uptaking causes an over modulation of the parasympathetic nerves that force the body into a constant state of “fight or flight.” In this state, the body starts to succumb to the pressures of stress, resulting in P.E., weak erections, and low sex drive.

Serotonin nerves also over modulate the brain's dopamine nerves, making sex less pleasurable for you. The sudden drop in dopamine explains why you feel zero desire for sex.

Serotonin causes a drop in testosterone levels as well. When testosterone levels dip, you start to see your desires for sex disappear as well. Because serotonin controls your ejaculation valve, a decrease can ruin your ability to maintain a healthy ejaculation.

Regain Your Manhood; Please The Wife; and Fight Depression

Regaining your sexual desires and pleasing your wife will take time and dedication. You will need to dedicate yourself to abstaining from sex. Don’t worry; it’s just temporary. The body needs to heal itself—and more sex will just make the problem worse.

And by no sex, that means no porn, masturbation, or intercourse. Once you abstain from sex, your body can start to balance its hormones and neurotransmitters once again. In order to speed the process up, try taking some all-natural supplements formulated with herbs for male with low sex drive that will help balance hormone levels and neurotransmitters while improving your sex drive.

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