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My Vagina Has Been Damaged By My Vibrator

Learn about a husband who is determined to figure out why his wife is no longer able to orgasm without the aid of a high powered vibrator.

Case #: 1411


My wife is forty-six years old, and she cannot orgasm without the use of a strong vibrator. This has also caused her sex drive to plummet, it's as if she can't feel anything inside of her vagina. She wants to be able to feel more sensitivity in her vagina so she can orgasm easier without a vibrator.


Many women who begin utilizing high powered toys or vibrators will eventually run into this exact same problem. Frequent vibrator use can damage the clitoral tissues and nerve endings that control the vaginal sensitivity. Though women have the possibility of reaching orgasm either by clitoral stimulation, or simply by penetration, only about ten to fifteen percent of women are actually able to climax by penetration alone. The rest of us rely heavily on the sensitive nerve endings located within the clitoris.

Vaginal Sensitivity

I for one, have never been able to have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, and would find it next to impossible if that option was no longer offered to me. An abundant amount of vibrator-induced orgasms, may lead to excessive releases of hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine. This type of climax can also cause excessive production of inflammatory hormones, blood circulation failure to the brain, and erectile nerve and tissue damage to the clitoris or vagina. Continued release of inflammatory hormones like prostaglandin E2 will harden a woman's clitoral tissues and nerves by inducing collagen proteins to be released.

Other Causes

There are actually a few other causes for loose sensitivity or elasticity. Aging, menopause, mechanical damage, birth control, hormone imbalances, and PMS are just some of the reasons why a woman could lose some feeling in the vaginal area. Basically, any hormone or device that raises the level of estrogen in the female body may adversely affect the clitoris or G-spot. This occurs because estrogen will lessen nervous sensitivity and will also shrink our erectile tissues and cells.

How To Fix It

The first step to vaginal recovery would be for your wife to stop using her vibrator. At this point, it is probably causing more damage than the pleasure is worth. Once your wife has handed over her cease and desist order to her toys, the real work can begin. I would recommend using herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Pyrola, Mucuna Pruriens, Dong Quia, and Maca. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Sensitivity Enhancer & Restoration) These natural wonders will help to reduce inflammation that has formed around the clitoris, increase blood circulation to the vagina, provide the nutrients for healthy neurotransmitter production, and will repair damaged clitoral nerve endings. They will also promote the proper production of DHEA and HGH, which will reverse some signs of aging.

If your wife does not see an improvement within the next six months, she should talk to her doctor about the problem so that any other possible causes may be explored.

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