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The Aging Vagina: How to Make it Young Again!

Learn about a mother who found it difficult to reach an orgasm after childbirth and how you too can find a solution for orgasm difficulty.

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I was "surfing" the web and read something you wrote. I wanted to know if you could give me some help? My wife and I had a child 3 years ago, and I recently was told that she hasn't had an orgasm since the childbirth. She says that it is like the "spot" is just out of reach because of the birth.

Now, I am sad. She said she used to have them all the time before we had children, so I know I used to be able to do it for her. Is that normal? Can things "shift" around from childbirth? I don't know what to do. I was looking all over the web for ways to get "bigger" so I could reach that spot again, but I am confused as to if any of it really even works or if it is all a scam.


The Changing and Aging Vagina

Childbirth affects a woman’s whole body. While the vagina may take the brunt of the damage, every aspect of a woman’s body changes after childbirth. Her breasts enlarge. Her hormones change. Even her body shape changes. After giving birth, the body’s ability to synthesize L-arginine, a Human Growth Hormone, and nitric oxide will increase the production of prolactin that dampens a woman’s sexual or orgasmic response. According to Taoists, young women stop the growing process when they are pregnant, which may be the attributing factor to this change in sexual behavior.

Additional Problems

Other problems for orgasm dysfunctions can include:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Medications
  • Weight increases

Weight, especially, can alter a woman’s ability to orgasm. Added weight increases the lining of the vagina, burying the G-spot underneath excess tissue. With G-spot nerve buried, women can experience sensitivity issues.

Rejuvenation and Changing

The good news is that these problems do not have to be permanent. If you are aware of the problem, methods can improve your ability to orgasm.

When the vagina is damaged, aged or changed due to childbirth, it can affect a woman’s ability to orgasm. With the use of an orgasm intensifier and rejuvenation formula, a woman can begin feeling orgasms again.

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