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Oversexed Women Experienced Vaginal Discharge & Sensitivity Problems

Oversexed young woman is experiencing thick, white discharge with no cause, as well as insensitivity in her vagina, and oversensitivity in her clitoris. What could possibly be causing all these issues?

Case #: 708


I am in desperate need of help. I used to have a lot of sex (a little too often). For about 6 months now, I have been having problems with vagina/sex. All my tests are negative and doctors keep saying that everything is normal. I started off with sticky, white vaginal discharge; after using acidophilus suppositories, the discharge became better. However, during intercourse, the abnormal discharge comes out, and becomes sticky. I do not feel pleasure at all even if discharge looks normal; it feels abnormal, and even boyfriend notices the difference. I am also itchy occasionally. I used to feel amazing from vaginal intercourse alone and was able to reach g-spot orgasms. Now, even after using boric acid douche, and after the discharge seems normal, I do not feel ANY pleasure in my vagina. That is my greatest concern, it is almost as if I lost all sensitivity inside. My clitoris is also strange, overly sensitive. I cannot orgasm anymore. Please help. I thought I had a yeast overgrowth even though tests do not show it. Please note my discharge varied. For a long time it was thick and white. It also had small white specks and was milky. It keeps changing. Please help me. I appreciate your help so very much. Thank you!


It seems that you have multiple problems occurring here. First off, it appears your have an overly-high amount of progesterone present in your body—that’s what is creating the sticky, white discharge you’ve been having such issues with.

The second problem—your vaginal insensitivity and clitoral pain—seems to have been caused by your high levels of sexual intercourse. It appears you’ve abraded the inside of your vagina and irritated your clitoris, resulting in two different issues that really come down to the same problem. We’ll certainly be able to help you through all of these problems, and get you back on track to a healthy sex life.

The Mucus Between Us

The first thing to do is to begin increasing your estrogen intake. Because estrogen balances out the levels of progesterone in the body, when progesterone gets too high, estrogen needs to be introduced to rebalance the system. Why do I think excess progesterone is the problem?

Because the production of cervical mucus is determined by the level of progesterone present in the body, and more progesterone means more mucus. Mucus is what comes out of you during intercourse, and otherwise, as discharge. The only time you are not discharging cervical mucus is during menstruation, when you are also discharging both the lining of the uterus and cervical mucus. To counteract your thick, white discharge, all you have to do is increase your estrogen levels.

Now, there is a lot of talk about whether it’s good to increase estrogen in women. High estrogen levels have been linked to breast cancer, and blood clots. However, there are safe ways to increase estrogen, without becoming at risk to these issues. If you are going to use a topical solution or suppository, look for one that features estradiol—the safest form of estrogen.

Otherwise, you can safely raise estrogen levels in your body by eating foods rich in phytoestrogens—which mimic estrogen in the body, but are not truly estrogens, thus they hold none of the scare factor that pure estrogen does.

Oversexed Sex Organs

Your second issue is more problematic. It seems that by constantly having sex, you have injured your vagina and clitoris, by creating scar tissue and an excess level of the prostaglandin E2. When a vagina is continuously sexed, it can become abraded or chafed, which over time leads to that area building up a layer of scar tissue to protect itself.

Scar tissue dulls sensation, but also causes pain when stimulated, due to a hormone known as prostaglandin E2. This hormone creates inflammation: swelling, bruising, and pain—all things you don’t want going on in your genital area. Your clitoris is also reacting to the same issue; however, here it appears that the nerves are overstimulated, by the presence of prostaglandins, rather than understimulated.

A Simple Solution

Luckily, there is an easy way to fix both of these problems. By taking a supplement high in phytoestrogens (TRY: natural remewal remedy for vaginal & clitoral desensitization), that also have the ability to soothe and restore damaged tissues, and to help the liver to flush out the unwanted prostaglandins, you will soon find relief in your suffering.

The phytoestrogens in Mexican Wild Yam and Black Cohosh will assist you in your estrogen levels—combating the thick, white discharge—and Dong Quai has been used for centuries to stabilize female reproductive complaints. I’m sure you will soon be feeling much better, and I wish you well!

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