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Where Is My Spice Of Life?

Here are some quick tips and easy fixes for a slowing libido.

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My partner and I have been going out for a year now, and we started having sex six months ago. When we first started having sex, I had a high sex drive, and all I wanted was sex. But now, I don't want sex as much. My partner, like any other man, always has sex on his mind. I wish I could say the same.

How can I get my sex drive back to how it was?

I want to desire sex the same way my partner does. We are thinking of going to a sex shop to introduce something new to our relationship, but we aren't too sure on what to do or what to get. I think that's all I need, something to spice things up in the bedroom.


Some women find it pretty difficult to get in the mood. Sometimes getting in the mood and staying in the mood for love requires a little more effort. And honestly, all couples go through some sort of a rut during their relationships. It's normal not to have as much sex as you did during the beginning of the relationship.

Bedroom Breakdown

For instance, during the first few months of my relationship, my boyfriend and I couldn't keep our hands off of each other. At one point, we were having sex three times a day! It finally got to a point where my boyfriend turned to me and asked, “Can we not have sex this week?” And by that point, I was more than happy to take a sex break. I'm sure our body parts needed at least a week of rest...maybe more. These days our sex life has changed. No longer are we having sex till our parts fall off. We've learned that after awhile, you need to get creative with your sex sessions to make lovemaking seem new and exciting.

Spice Is Nice

I think you're definitely on to something with suggesting an adult toy store. My significant other and I have done visited sex stores plenty of times, even if it’s for a good laugh. You never know what new device or cream may be just that extra something that sets you off. One of the simplest, and most affordable quick fixes I've come across is a vibrating cock ring. It's just a little something that works great for both you and your man. The best part is the rings integrate seamlessly with the all of the positions you like. Just be sure to find a ring that will fit comfortably over the penis.

The Art Of Touch

One of the easiest ways to help set the mood is to have your partner give you a sensual massage. It doesn't necessarily have to lead to sexual intercourse, but it will help to strengthen the bond between you and him.

While you are giving or receiving this special type of massage, setting the mood is key. I would definitely recommend lighting some candles and playing some soothing music. (SEE: Guide to Erotic Candle Massage) The more relaxed you are, the less your mind will focus on the trivial thoughts of everyday life. This will let your body relax and enable you to get back in the mood for love.

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