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Every Day I’m Vibratin’

Boyfriend wonders why his girlfriend’s clitoris is less sensitive after using a vibrator every day for months. What can he do to restore her clitoral sensitivity?

Case #: 663


I got my girlfriend a vibrator a few months back and she has been using it every day. Now, her clitoris is very insensitive and sometimes numb. How can she restore the sensitivity?


I suppose my first question is: why is your girlfriend using her vibrator every day? Where do you come in? Certainly, you must have brought her to orgasm of your own doing before you purchased the vibrator. Now, you must return to those halcyon days if you ever want to restore her clitoris to its former sensitivity.

A Scar(y) Story

Using a vibrator every day will, over time, result in damage to the delicate nerves of the clitoris and vagina. The reason for this is that the body sees the vibrations as something to be protected against, and creates scar tissue to shield the nerves being so stimulated. This scar tissue is what is causing her clitoral insensitivity, and it must be allowed to recede before your girlfriend will again have her normal degree of sensation.

The scarring of the tissue around the nerves of the genitals also constricts the blood vessels in the area. Without proper blood flow, the clitoris cannot become fully aroused and engorged, which also diminishes sexual pleasure.

Not only are the minute capillaries already cramped due to the presence of scar tissue and having difficulties responding adequately to sexual desire, but with the blood vessels only partially open, important chemicals for sexual response are also unable to get through. One specific chemical necessary for both male and female sexual response is nitric oxide (NO).

Nitric oxide causes the spongy tissue of both the penis (in men), and the clitoris (in women), to become engorged. It also causes localized sexual sensation and response. Without nitric oxide, the clitoris is unresponsive to stimulation, and will not react as normal sexually.

A New Sensation

The upshot of all this is that you need to wean your girlfriend off of her vibrator. You both need to take some time to learn how you can bring her to orgasm without it. She will likely be clitorally insensitive for some time; have you ever considered or experimented with stimulating her G-spot? This is a great way to bring a woman to orgasm, and you don’t need to touch her clitoris at all.

Sometimes. It’s possible that she might need some clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm via her G-spot. And that’s not a problem! The lessened sensation in her clitoris right now might be the perfect counterbalance to investigative G-spot searching.

If you haven’t done any research on it, there’s really a mass of information available on what it is, what it does, how to find it, how to touch it, how to cause a woman to orgasm through touching it, etc., etc.

However, ease into this new technique with your girlfriend in control. It’s sometimes difficult to locate one’s G-spot, and it’s really hit-or-miss trying to find out the best way to arouse it. Avoid frustration by proceeding with patience and a sense of fun! You’ll learn a new trick whilst she recovers from her over amorous behavior with her old vibrator.

Open the Floodgates!

In order to better heal and restore your girlfriend’s clitoral nerves and capillaries, I’d suggest investing in a natural remedy (SEE: G-Spot Rejuvenation and Nerve Repair) to restore health to her entire genital area.

It’s vital that you support her body as it heals with herbs specifically chosen to energize and revitalize the female genitals. Plus, this specific formula also targets the G-spot, which will doubtless help you two on your way to orgasm sans clitoris. Best of luck on your new hobby: G-spotting!

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