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No Pain, No Gain – She Hurts Every Time She Starts to Have an Orgasm

A 49-year-old woman experiences back pain each time she orgasms. The potential causes for this are many, so one of the first steps she must take is to talk openly with her partner. An all-natural regenerative formula will also help relieve pain and promote healthy orgasms.

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I’m a 49-year-old female. The problem is whenever I start to have an orgasm, I get pain in the lower left side of my back. Can you tell me why? Is this normal? Is there anything I can do about it?


It’s difficult to link sex with pain because the latter is supposed to bring untold pleasure. In addition, sexuality is everywhere and encourages lovemaking at all hours and in all places. Men and women both are programmed to believe sex must be nothing less than perfect.

But once you wade through the media attention and dig beneath the myths, you see that intercourse causes pain for many women. The pain can be so intense that some couples forego intercourse altogether. It shouldn’t be this way – sex unites couples, relieves tension and eases pain. Thus, to understand the discomfort it brings to some, you must first look at the female body.

Female Anatomy and Pain

The vagina is a hollow muscle composed of blood vessels and nerve endings. At the top is the cervix, which connects the vagina to the uterus, and on the outside are protective fatty tissues. Together with the clitoris, the vagina and uterus are further connected by a robust network of nerves. When something is wrong with one of these organs, pain can radiate throughout the pelvic region.

One of the most common areas in which women feel sexual pain is the vagina. The muscles in this organ can remain tense before and during intercourse so that penetration is rendered impossible or extremely painful. After extended periods of time, muscle tightness can cause sores to develop in the vagina. These serve to exacerbate pain and, in some cases, lead to sexual dysfunction in which a woman cannot have sex and/or cannot orgasm.

Orgasm Pain

Many women also experience pain during orgasm. In general, this is the result of uterine contractions that naturally occur at climax. Many different muscles in fact contract during orgasm, including those in the legs and buttocks. Uterine contractions can be painful when hormonal imbalances cause the organ’s tissues to become thin and brittle.

You must remember that as a woman ages, her body produces less of the hormones most crucial to healthy sexual responses: estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen maintains strong tissues in the vagina in much the same way it does in the uterus. With progesterone, it also promotes healthy lubrication during sex and helps you reach orgasm. The decline of these hormones can therefore reduce sexual responses and promote discomfort.

But back pain doesn’t have to be connected to genitals or reproductive organs. It can be an issue in and of itself, relative to many different factors. Sometimes the position in which you have sex can be problematic; leaning forward might place strain on your lower back, or remaining in the missionary position might apply pressure. You should feel free to try new positions and experiment with your partner until the pain subsides.

Psychological Factors

Expecting pain during sex can also contribute to your condition. If your discomfort has persisted for some time, you’re probably conditioned to anticipate pain. It is thus important that you make intercourse as fun and relaxing as possible. That’s just another reason why it’s so important to communicate with your partner – the two of you together can slow down and fully experience the sensuality of intercourse.

Lose Pain and Gain Pleasure

An herbal formula can restore healthy sexual responses by improving the strength of vaginal tissues and expelling toxins from the body. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Pain Relief) Ingredients like Milk Thistle and Turkey Rhubard also balance hormone levels and even reduce inflammation. The result will be reduced pain and enhanced sensitivity so your orgasms are nothing but pleasurable.

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