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Am I Suffering From PCOS Or Am I Just Going Crazy?

If you've noticed a prominent shift in your menstrual cycle, you could have PCOS. Learn about the common symptoms and a way to fix these pesky effects.
Case #: 1697

Could I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? I have bad hormone levels that fluctuate. I can also skip my period for months on end and not become pregnant even while having unprotected sex. I have excess hair where it's not supposed to be and I have also noticed that around my stomach area, I am larger than anywhere else in my body. I have read that the belly issue thing is a symptom. Can anyone let me know if this sounds like it and what I can do to get rid of those symptoms?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS for short is a common health problem among women that has the ability to affect whether or not we are able to have children. Some other ramifications include problems regarding the heart, blood vessels, and above all the menstrual cycle.
How PCOS Works

Women who suffer from this particular syndrome will generally experience a higher level of androgens. An androgen is a male hormone that women just so happen to produce as well.
At this point in time the cause of PCOS is unfortunately unknown thus far. Luckily, experts have been meticulously running tests for years, and they believe that they've narrowed down the possibilities to a few key factors that lead to the cause. The theory of genetics is high on that list of factors. They've found that women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome are actually more likely to have a mother or sibling who also has PCOS.
Hormonal imbalances are another common trend between PCOS patients, as the ovaries will tend to produce a higher volume of androgens when a woman has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The o problem with this is, when the body starts to expel such large amounts of these hormones, it will have a profound effect on both the development and the release of eggs during ovulation.
Facing Facts

While irregular periods are a very common experience for women with PCOS, other symptoms include acne, weight gain, increased hair growth around the face and chest, and thinning of the hair attached to the scalp.
Irregular periods occur when the small sacs that are filled with fluid within the ovaries do not allow eggs to reach maturity. These sacs, usually referred to as follicles or cysts, build up a certain amount of fluid as the egg grows within the ovary. When the egg reaches maturity, the follicle will break open and release the egg through the fallopian tube so that it may travel to the uterus and be fertilized. This is the basis of ovulation.
When a woman has PCOS, the ovaries do not function the same way. Instead of producing all of the hormones that are essential for an egg to mature, progesterone will not be produced and the follicles will still enlarge with fluid, but ovulation will not occur. When a woman is unable to produce a certain level of progesterone or estrogen irregular or absent menstrual cycles are bound to happen.
How To Fix It

For a woman who suffers from PCOS, I would definitely suggest the herb Maca. (Try: Herbal PCOS Relief Formula) Maca is a great benefit for women who experience irregular periods. In its powdered form, the herb is able to set you back on your proper cycle by balancing out the hormonal levels. Maca will also increase your energy, reduce acne, and lessen any signs of stress.

What to do

Benefits of Maca For Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Tosha Nichole was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal disorder that caused cysts along the e

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