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Lost but Not Found: She Has No Vaginal Sensitivity and No Orgasms

She doesn’t orgasm during sex because she has no sensation in her vagina, and it’s influencing not only her outlook but also her relationships. Her greatest wish is to experience the orgasm that for years has eluded her.

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I have a huge problem that is affecting my sex life and past relationships. To me, it seems like when I have sex, it is all about my partner because I can’t feel anything at all. I can feel the penis going in and out of me, but I feel as if the nerves are dead or something. There is no “good” feeling for me whatsoever. I can’t achieve my ultimate pleasure. When I sit down and think about it, it makes me really depressed because I can’t share any good feeling moments like everyone else. I want to be able to experience pleasure along with my partner. Please help me.


You suffer from vaginal insensitivity, a problem that afflicts countless women. One of the biggest misconceptions about sex involves this organ – many men and women believe vaginal penetration should lead to female orgasm. But the vagina is not highly sensitive. While some women enjoy vaginal orgasms, most need clitoral stimulation to climax. You may therefore need to change your way of thinking when it comes to intercourse.

Demystifying the Vagina and Clitoris

It’s not surprising women don’t understand their own anatomies. The vagina is particularly mysterious because it’s inside where nobody – except a doctor on rare occasions – sees it. On the outside, which you see when you stand naked in front of the mirror, are the labia or vaginal lips. The clitoral hood and clitoris are also on the outside, but the former is easier to see.

The vagina itself is a muscle that serves as a passageway to the cervix and uterus. It contains glands, nerve endings, blood vessels, and tissues that have much less sexual prowess than the clitoris. This organ, which resembles a pencil eraser, is the Holy Grail of sexual pleasure. Compacted into this small but potent space are more than 8,000 nerve endings – the most of any female body part. Those nerve endings explain why clitoral stimulation results in orgasm so much more easily than vaginal penetration.

Inside the body, the clitoris possesses two legs that it a wishbone shape. The legs reach into the vagina by about three inches, meaning both organs are closely connected. When one is healthy, the other generally is, too. Its anatomy connects the clitoris to all structures of the female genitalia, which lends clitoral orgasms their unique power.

What an Insensitive Vagina Means to Sex

Although not as sensitive as the clitoris, the vagina boasts its own pleasure spots. One is right at the entrance, where plenty of nerve endings are waiting to be touched. The other is the elusive G-spot. To help you find yours, keep in mind it’s on the anterior wall of the vagina and feels rougher than its surrounding tissues. You can liken its size to a nickel, but here’s the real key – you need to be really turned on before the G-spot will make its presence known. Arousal helps this location swell so it’s more easily accessed by you and your partner.

Vaginal insensitivity means the organ cannot be stimulated. Don’t worry – this has nothing to do with its shape or structure. Rather, your nerves have been desensitized by one or multiple factors. The culprit for many women is a hormonal imbalance caused by age, long-term birth control use or changes caused by the menstrual cycle. Other women damage their genitals with robust vibrator use.

Make It about You

One major impediment to female sexual satisfaction is the way in which women treat sex. Neither they nor their partners know what will bring them to orgasm, so they continue to engage in intercourse hoping something will inexplicably change. But the change needs to be initiated by you, not the circumstances.

To more fully understand your body, take time to explore your vagina and clitoris. Learn what feels good and what doesn’t, making sure you pay special attention to your clit. Don’t rush or worry about feeling embarrassed – this is your body and your time to learn.

A natural revitalization formula will help you reclaim your sensitivity. Herbs like Dong Quai and Horny Goat Weed heal damaged tissues and rejuvenate sensory nerve receptors. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Sensitivity & Passion Enhancement) They also heighten arousal so your desire for sex is greater, meaning the strength of your orgasms will take your breath away.

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