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There Is Too Much Pain, And Not Enough Pleasure!

Pain during sex, can be fun, if it is intended. Many women do not get the pleasure they deserve during intercourse because of painful cramps.

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I have a problem; my girl gets cramps very often when we make love. The cramps sometimes arrive even before intercourse. We never had this problem before and it is bothering her so much that she cannot have intercourse whenever she wants.

How can we make sex painless for her and eliminate cramps?


It is time to learn a new word, Vaginismus. It is harder to say than to understand. Your girl’s symptoms can all be traced to vaginal spasms. This is what Vaginismus essentially is. Imagine a Charlie horse (muscle spasm in the thigh area when hit), happening deep within. Whenever you begin intercourse, something triggers her Pubcoccygeus (PC) Muscleto spasm.

Too much science, just explain it to me.

Women may be a mystery, but her sexual health doesn’t have to be. When something is inserted into the vagina, it will sometimes cause the involuntary contraction. This could be your penis, a tampon, or even the tools a doctor uses during exams. When her muscles tighten up, they will shut off the opening, and make sex impossible.

She has certain complaints.

Symptoms for Vaginismus are straightforward. Many women complain that she may feel too small for a man’s penis. Others say it feels like she is blocked, or as if a brick wall is there. When she feels this way sex is painful, and the feeling may not go away after withdrawal.

What causes the pain?

The first thing to question is a fear of pain. Vaginismus is mostly physiological rather than physical. Did she have a traumatic sexual experience in her youth? Or, did she hear the many horror stories of pregnancy and childbirth? These muscle spasms are much like the many other learned traits we have. She may have to unlearn a certain fear and behavior, so her muscles will relax and she can have the satisfying sexual experience she deserves.

Other elements may be physical. Nerve and tissue damage could cause the body to seize up. Women tend to over masturbate just like men do. The overuse of sex toys causes inflammation, which leads to pain and discomfort.

Different surgeries, plastic and medical may also assist the pain. Poor circulation can contribute to the pain of Vaginismus. Birth Control has its many benefits. It also has many side effects. Hormonal imbalances often occur when birth control or prescription hormones are taken by women.

Anything that releases too many prostaglandin-E2 hormones can cause an unwanted effect on the body. Too much PGE-2 can weaken her vaginal health, and as a result she may acquire an infection, and that too creates pain.

Now what?

Begin with Kegel exercises. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and will help her relax more during sex. Treatments are easy to come by. Many times doctors want to prescribe hormones that have scary side-effects.

Turn to nature, it isn’t just for hippies. Herbs have healing effects and have been used for centuries. Learning to relax, using exercises, and finding the right supplement should make sex enjoyable for both of you.

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