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Stressed Out and Stretched Out - It Aged Her Vagina

45-year-old woman with healthy, happy sex life wonders why—without having had children—her vaginal muscles seem stretched. Why does her vagina seem looser than before, and what can she do to fix it?

Case #: 647


My husband and I are voyeuristic. We’ve had sex in public, on a plane, in a bus, at the park, even near a church lawn. We’ve tried every position, most sex toys, and damn near every lubrication type, flavor and color ever made. And when my husband travels for work, I keep myself busy with my own pleasure toys.

For years now, I’ve used pleasure toys to keep myself satisfied. But for the last few months, I’ve noticed that my vaginal muscles seem to have stretched to inordinate means.

According to my husband, he too notices the difference. Sex produces less pleasure than before. And now, unlike before, I can hardly feel him inside of me. For a 45-year-old woman with no kids, why does this problem continue to pester me?


I’m sorry to say this, but it appears you’ve hit menopause. You probably associate menopause with hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, but changes in your vagina will mark some of the biggest issues you’ll have to cope with.

Lower levels of both estrogen and testosterone result in looser vaginal muscles—and you might be noticing some problems with dryness, poor sensation, and/or low sex drive as well. Happily, we’ll soon see you restored to the vagina you know and love. It’s all about the herbs.

Plant Power

There are many ways to introduce more estrogen into your life. Some women choose to take birth control, or to use a hormone patch, or topical creams. Other women make changes in their diet to include more estrogen-rich plants in their diet. The rest choose herbal supplements. There is a selection of herbs that have been used for millennia to restore balance to the female hormone system. Ironically, the very herbs that are most useful to women going through menopause are also the ones used to treat infertility. That’s because these herbs work to stabilize the hormone levels—making it easier to start a baby, and to keep your body from hitting every hormonal high and low as your body realigns during menopause.

Heavy Hitters

There are a few plants specifically that really pack a punch, in regards to hormone stabilization. Women across the world have used black cohosh, chasteberry, and shatavari for libido, vaginal toning, and hot flashes. Black cohosh, or Cimicifuga racemosa, is generally used to modulate hot flashes, but also increases the production of progesterone.

Estrogen and progesterone need to remain in balance, even while you attempt to increase estrogen levels, as without the presence of progesterone, the body will start to exhibit estrogen dominance, which is a whole other issue. Black cohosh works on hot flashes by lowering levels of LH—a pituitary hormone—and bonding to seratonin receptors, in the same way the anti-depressant medication seems to work on hot flashes. Chasteberry, or Vitex agnus-castus, works on the hormone system by suppressing the production of prolactin.

When prolactin levels are high, estrogen levels are low, and vice versa, thus suppressed prolactin levels are beneficial to the menopausal woman. Chasteberry also mimics the action of dopamine, which results in increased libido a better mood overall.

Shatavari, or Asparagus racemosus, works on the body in the form of a follicle-stimulating hormone. This hormone promotes the production of estrogen, and can also marginally increase testosterone levels. Increased estrogen means a tighter, more lubricated, healthier vagina and urethra, while testosterone means stronger pelvic muscles and higher libido.

Compound Choices

I would seriously suggest beginning a course of herbal treatment. This herbal compound (FORMULATED FROM: VRD Formulation) features herbs selected to purify the body of excess hormones—such as prolactin and cortisol, the enemies of estrogen, and increase the presence of progesterone and estrogen for a happy healthy vagina. You might consider looking into a course with minute testosterone increasing features as well. I wish you well, and I’m sure you will soon be back to your old self.

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