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Ending The Heat Wave & Be Fertile Again

Learn how a young mother of one, battles flushes of heat and worries about her future offspring. Could that be the change knocking on her door already?

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For the last week or so I've been experiencing flashes of heat. I'm only 39 and I am really worried that I might already be starting menopause. I'd like to have another child (I have a two year-old already.) Are these definitely hot flashes or could there be another explanation?


The Change Or Just A Flash

If you've never experienced a hot flash, you're definitely in for a chilling surprise. A hot flash is a spasmodic feeling of warmth, that is most often intense throughout the face, neck and chest. During this sudden flash of heat your skin may redden, mimicking the appearance of blushing. A typical flash might also cause a woman to sweat profusely and leave you with a chill. Although menopause is the most common hormonal condition to cause hot flashes, there are a few other stipulations that may come into play.


The hard truth is, if you're experiencing hot flashes at an early age your body may be trying to tell you something is a bit off. The signs and symptoms of menopause will generally begin to appear in most women around the age of 50. If you have noticed a loss of a regular menstrual period, night sweats, and flashes of heat before the age of 40, it is a blatant sign that something is wrong.

Early menopausal symptoms such as these could be a sign of primary ovarian insufficiency. Most women who have POI are not aware of it. They generally figure they're bodies are preparing for the change via perimenopause. However, they may actually be experiencing POI. When this condition occurs in young women, their bodies are not producing eggs regularly because the ovaries are not working normally.

Hormone Replacement

Some times a good fan just won't cut it if your flashes are particularly intense. Treatments like estrogen therapy eradicates flashes, but many women cannot or will not take estrogen. Luckily drugs aren't the only option available. Studies have proven that women who work out on a regular basis experience fewer hot flashes because of the exercise-induced endorphin production. Losing those extra pounds and eliminating cigarettes from your life will also make an incredible difference.

Estrogen Swap

It is important to be aware of all your options before choosing a plan of action. Many powerful herbs contain natural phyto-compounds in Natural Hot Flashes Relief Solution. These compounds mimic estrogen when ingested into the body. This will help to abolish sudden heat waves in a much more natural way. This is a great replacement for women who are hesitant to use estrogen therapy. If, however, the flashes continue you should set up an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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