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Masturbation and Pain – Why Pleasuring Yourself Can Result in Massive Headaches

She masturbates several times every day and now suffers from painful, debilitating headaches. These headaches force her to stay in bed and avoid both light and noise. She knows they’re the result of over masturbation but doesn’t know how to stop them.

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I believe two types of women exist: those who get headaches (and minor migraines), and those who get major migraines. Women who get headaches (and minor migraines) can perform their day-to-day activities with ease. Women with major migraines remain bedridden in a hangover-like stupor.

I have major migraines.

The days that I get migraines, I become a recluse, hiding in my bedroom like a vampire, fearful of daylight and startled by the faintest noise. I refuse to move. It hurts to think. And I loathe the pain.

After reading a few articles on Herballove, I noticed that I tend to masturbate in excess. Mornings, afternoons and nights I masturbate. Perhaps my habits cause my current state of debilitating headaches. Could you please explain further why I continue to get exasperating headaches because of over masturbation?


Masturbation is widely-accepted as a normal, healthy practice engaged by men and women alike. It relieves stress, improves confidence and allows self-exploration. The act of satisfying yourself can even ease pain. Given these benefits, and the fact that masturbation feels good, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy it.

But pleasure can become an addiction, and masturbation is no exception. It’s recommended that you engage only two or three times a week, both to allow your body to fully recover each time and also to prevent a pre-occupation. Exceeding this recommendation can yield negative side effects like fatigue and hair loss. Many people also experience abdominal and back pain along with debilitating headaches. The point is that over masturbation isn’t healthy.

Overview of Sex-Related Headaches

Headaches that occur during sex or masturbation are officially known as benign coital headaches. They usually set in right before or during orgasm, occasionally bringing such pain that a person cannot reach climax. The duration of these headaches varies between individuals and may last for mere minutes or continue for hours.

Coital headaches are characterized by the same symptoms as those of migraines. They are usually severe, with explosive and throbbing pain that starts right before, during or immediately after orgasm. A person might experience one or several in a lifetime, and the duration of frequency can last up to several years.

Why Masturbation Causes Headaches

Reaching climax involves a series of complex processes in the body. To prepare for orgasm, you enter a heightened state of arousal that raises blood pressure and causes muscles to tighten and tense. This combination, coupled with the exertion of sex, typically causes sex headaches.

People prone to migraines who also suffer from coital headaches may undergo vascular changes as well, caused by the physical toil involved with sex. Blood vessel dilation in the head and neck, as well as fatigue and stress, may also be responsible. In other words, these headaches are likely as complicated as the process of sex itself.

Lose the Headaches and Regain Pleasure

Coital headaches aren’t serious, but they do interfere with quality of life. This condition is largely attributed to men, who appear to be more susceptible than women. However, females can also suffer from over masturbation and related headaches, and they, too, need information on how to treat themselves.

The pain from which you suffer is the result of coital headaches. You’ve mentioned that you masturbate several times a day and are aware that it’s become a “habit.” What you may not realize is that over masturbation can lead to sexual exhaustion, in which the number of times you pleasure yourself exceeds your body’s tolerance levels. You are sexually depleted, and your body is trying to convey this with the headaches you experience. The first thing you therefore need to do is stop masturbating.

Natural Remedy

After you give your body a break from the exhaustive cycle of arousal and orgasm, you can recharge with a natural herbal remedy (SEE: Migraine Natural Home Remedies) designed to reduce cortisol and soothe tense muscles. Look for ingredients like Mucuna Pruriens to balance hormones; Shilajit to relieve the pain associated with headaches; and Catuaba to improve blood flow throughout the body. Herbal ingredients can also reduce inflammation and ease nerves so you are relaxed both physically and mentally.

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