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Will I Ever Have An Orgasm

Learn about a woman who has never been able to have an orgasm during intercourse, and what she may do to rectify it.

Case #: 1304


I've never had an orgasm with a man and hope to be cured before I get a boyfriend again! I also have a lot of lubrication, but then dry up during sex. I feel like I want sex to end early since I know I won't orgasm. Many magazines read that “it's normal to not to orgasm during sex,” but I know it's possible.


Unlike men, there is a lot that goes into the female orgasm. Of course it is possible for a woman to orgasm during sex, and you should. However, there could be some factors both physical and mentally that may be holding you back.

Sexually Unresponsive

Over time, you've most likely developed a nervous reaction to the idea of intercourse. You already have it set in your mind that you will not be completely sexually fulfilled by the end of the session, and that makes you nervous or embarrassed. Your body reacts to these emotions by drying up. Subsequently, your vagina does not receive the proper lubrication it needs for a successful sexual experience.

I can actually completely sympathize with you in this particular situation. Before I was with my current boyfriend, I had never had an orgasm during sex. It was very frustrating and confusing, because it seemed like I knew how to give myself an orgasm but nobody else had a clue. That's when I realized that if I ever wanted to receive pleasure from men, I would have to teach that individual what I liked specifically.

Getting Down And Dirty

I started to do my research, and found that only about fifteen percent of women can actually have an orgasm through penetration alone. The other eighty-five percent were experiencing their orgasms through purely clitoral stimulation. It made sense. When I pleasured myself, I focused on the clitoris, and that's how I reached orgasm. For some reason, when I started having sex I believed that I would magically be able to have an orgasm, even if my clitoris wasn't stimulated properly.

Then I found out how to ensure my clitoris would be stimulated throughout sex. By getting on top of your partner and grinding your clitoris against his pelvic bone, the clitoral region receives the type of stimulation it needs to set off an orgasm. For a more intense ride, lean forward a bit while continuing to grind.

Lubed And Ready

If proper lubrication is still getting you down, there are some great herbs out there that can rectify that quickly. Natural herbs such as Catuaba, Maca, Muira Puama, Pyrola, and Epimedium are great nitric oxide producers. (TRY: Orgasm Difficulty Passion Revival) Meaning it will greatly increase your level of lubrication and keep you moisturized for longer periods of time. They will also increase clitoral sensitivity and heighten your sex drive. After utilizing these herbs, you should be able to orgasm without any problems.

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