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Squirting: Is It Sexy? Is It Sanitary?

Learn about the ins and outs of proper female ejaculation.
Case #: 1630

Here it concern has to do with when my husband is fingering me, I tend to squirt liquid from my vagina that is either white or sometimes clear. It never leaves an odor behind and my husband never complains about the taste. I have plenty of orgasms when he touches me and I squirt for every orgasm. I think this is a little excessive and I wish I could control it but my husband says he loves it and thinks that it's sexy. My questions are, is this normal? What about the colors. Also, I have read there are techniques to control how often you squirt, is this true and if so, what are the techniques?

The answer to your first and probably most important question is yes, this is a completely normal reaction of the female form. Just as it is the normal reaction of men when they reach orgasm, it is basically the same mechanics as when a woman is able to ejaculate.
Is It Normal

Female ejaculation is the amazing result of basic organ swelling. When this is achieved in male form, we would refer to this type of “organ swelling” as an erection. Subsequently, the swell begins a stimulation of nitric oxide and prostaglandin E1. Once again, this is a perfectly normal reaction of the female form.
However, if you are able to experience this heightened state or climax, but it is also paired with; inflammatory pains, urinary urgency or frequent urination before, during or after you've ejaculated, there could be a problem. When a woman has this type of reaction they should recognize whether the fluids they are ejaculating contains urine. You may determine this by letting the fluid set on your bed sheets for about thirty minutes to an hour.
After the allotted time has passed, the fluid will have the telling smell of ammonia if it is in fact urine. If it is, then this is a sign that your female ejaculation is actually stress or sex induced incontinence, and you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.
The Colors

The colors you've described above are actually right on par with female ejaculation. You shouldn't worry too much about that aspect, as long as you've tested the fluid for an ammonia odor.
The Techniques

The way to fix your squirting problem is through control. You will need to regain complete control over your vaginal muscles in order to lessen the gush of fluid you are currently accustomed to. You can achieve this type of control by practicing yoga such as Aswini Mudra.
These poses specifically, will target a woman's pelvic floor muscles even better than an intense round of Kegels. They tend to work more effectively because unlike a Kegel exercise, this type of yoga involves more than a repeated contraction of our pelvic floor muscles. The technique is much more intricate and advanced.
They will also actively relax the sphincter, perineum, and the buttock muscles. These poses are able to achieve this type of tightening by allowing bio-energy to flow freely through the spinal cord, which will also help to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues.

What to do

Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga

Improved from Aswini Mudra, Advanced Aswini Mudra Yoga can help rejuvenate the health of vaginal tissue.

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