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A Few Days After Sex With His 9-inch penis I Have To Urinate Very Often

Female has extremely well endowed boyfriend. After sex with him, she notices an extreme need to urinate, but almost nothing comes out. She also notices bowel discomfort. They currently have sex infrequently, but she wonders if the issues will abate in time. Will they?

Case #: 735


My boyfriend has a 9-inch penis and for a few days after sex I have to urinate very often, but I just have a small amount. I’ve also noticed bowel discomfort. Will this improve as I get used to having more sex with him? We only have it about once every 2 weeks.


It’s funny how the idea of a man with a long penis is so appealing to so many women, but when it’s put into action, it seems to cause more issues than anything else. A long penis can be pretty disruptive to a woman’s insides, depending on the roominess of the women in question. If a woman with a petite set-up were to try to take in the length and girth of a big man, she might find her cervix bruised, her bladder irritated, or her renal cavity disturbed.

This sort of abuse can do damage to you over time, and it would probably be to your benefit to try positions that allow a lower-depth entry. I’m going to recommend some positions that won’t hit you so hard, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Refresh and Restore

Besides choosing strategic positions, you can also lessen the damage and irritation by maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Anytime you irritate those sensitive areas, chemical reactions create hormones known as prostaglandins. These prostaglandins create inflammation, irritation, pain, cramping, and scar tissue. If you allow your irritation to continue, the prostaglandin levels will increase and start creating other issues for your body.

So, at this point, the best method for you to control this concern is to stop full-entrance sex—it could be damaging your internal organs, and it’s certainly causing your body stress—and to begin an herbal course designed to reduce prostaglandin inflammation in your body. Those two factors alone will help you immensely in your discomfort.

Positions for Pleasure

One position that both you and your boyfriend can enjoy is a modified missionary. With you on bottom, place a folded pillow or other support source underneath your hips, lifting your pelvis up. In this position, have your boyfriend enter you normally. He should be able to enter you, but not as fully as usual, and the remaining length of his penis should be pressed against your clitoris. He still enjoys full contact and stimulation, and you enjoy double stimulation and less length inside.

Another good position is standing missionary. With your back against a wall, have your boyfriend enter you, then squeeze your legs together. Again, his penis will be inside you, but not fully, and the rest of it will be pressed against your clitoris and pudendum. The extra clitoral stimulation should really pep up your sex life, and it’s nice because your boyfriend still gets full pleasure.

Plants for Pain

I’m recommending that you also begin an herbal formula for intercourse pain; as I mentioned above, it will help you soothe and restore your entire reproductive system. (TRY: Vaginal Regeneration Formula) Dong Quai is a blood purifier and powerful detoxifier; it increases circulation, bringing fresh, healthy blood to every inch of your genitals. Black Cohosh and Mexican Wild Yam encourage your body to lower its production of painful prostaglandins, and protect your delicate tissues from abrasion and disrepair.

I’m sure that by employing these techniques and beginning this helpful course you will no longer experience the discomfort you’re currently having. I hope you two grow closer through the process. Best wishes!

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