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Birth Control Ruined My Sex Life

Birth control has been known to cause side effects, including lowered sex drive and PMS problems. For some women, the problems are minor and do not have lasting effects. For others, the problems can last for long periods of time, ruining intimacy and intercourse.

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I am 27 years old and don’t have much interest in sex. The problem started two years ago. I have tried switching my birth control pills many times and finally quit taking them a month ago. The only change I have noticed is that I haven’t had a period. Has the pill damaged my cycle and made me lose interest in sex? What would cause someone so young to lose interest in sex?


Sex relaxes, de-stresses and elevates our mood. It’s an animalistic desire. When we can’t enjoy sex—or experience it, our quality of life goes down. Meanwhile, our relationship with our partner suffers. And I may not have all of the answers, but I can share some knowledge helpful to your situation.

Birth control continues as a great option for women. I am not one of them; neither are you it seems. The hormones in contraceptives control the way your body distributes hormones. You naturally produce estrogen and progestin that decide if you are going to be a mama or not. Taking birth control alters these two hormones and prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg.

Other Hormones:

Prolactin and oxytocin can also be found in birth control. You may have heard of each before. Prolactin is used by the body to create milk after childbirth. However, when used in birth control, it can shut off your sex drive. Oxytocin is used by doctors to start labor. When found naturally in the body, it is known as the “bonding hormone.” It gives you the sensations needed to enjoy intimacy. Prolactin voids the mushy feelings oxytocin creates. So I would say yes, your birth control had something to do with your loss of sexual desires.

I Quit Taking Birth Control, Why Am I Still Having Problems?

Birth control can take a long time to leave your system. It can also have negative effects on the hormones you naturally create. I couldn’t take birth control for different reasons, but it still took my body months to recover. It has been known to cause much more serious effects than low sex drive. However, you and your lover can find help through this frustrating time.

Bring The Love Back

I have a few suggestions that may help:

1. Red wine has been known for years for its health benefits. Wine reduces not only stress, but it can also increase lubrication in your vaginal area.

2. Phytoestrogen-rich foods, meanwhile, increase breast sensitivity. When stimulated, your breasts secrete hormones that increase sexual arousal.

3. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are essential to a healthy sex life. When you exercise, your metabolism will rise and so will your sex drive.

An Herbal Approach

Sometimes, simple life changes are not enough. I myself do not enjoy the cold hands of doctors, but I do enjoy herbal remedies (SEE: botanical formula to detoxify and intensify orgasm) that resolve sexual issues for the women that I have helped. A combination of the right herbs can bring you back to where you should be—a sexually voracious 27 years old. And thanks to Bupleurum, Milk Thistle, Rehmannia and Shilajit that enhance liver detoxification, your body can recover faster from long-term birth control usage.

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