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Struggling against Low Sex Drive: Menopause has Put Her Sex Life on Pause

Since her hysterectomy three years ago, she’s been battling against numerous symptoms of menopause. At the top of her list is loss of libido, combined with hot flashes, dry vagina and insomnia. She’s miserable and desperately wants relief.

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I am a 49-year-old woman and have been very orgasmic up until now. That dramatically decreased when I had a hysterectomy three years ago. I have been experiencing perimenopause symptoms ever since. My sex drive has decreased significantly along with hot flashes, dry vagina and not being able to sleep. I really want to know the cause behind my miseries. Is it menopause, or can it be something else?


Menopause is called the “change of life” for a reason. Not only does it bring an end to your childbearing years, but it also significantly changes your body. Each menopause experience is unique to the woman enduring it, but some of the most common symptoms are exactly what you describe: dry vagina, sleep disorder, hot flashes, and low sex drive. So, yes, you are now in the midst of menopause, and that explains why you feel so poorly.

The Next Phase of Your Life

Menopause is inevitable for women. Caused by a decrease and eventual stop in ovarian function, it typically starts between the ages of 45 and 55. The time leading up to menopause, in which periods are infrequent and unreliable, is known as perimenopause. The ovaries start to shrink, and estrogen and progesterone levels wane as your body prepares for its final period. After going a full year without a period, you are officially postmenopausal. If you no longer have monthly bleeding because of the hysterectomy, it will be slightly harder for you to tell when you are out of menopause.

It is not only possible to live a healthy and active life during menopause, but to be free of its troubling symptoms as well. And before you start to think the best years of your life are behind you, consider this: postmenopausal women are no longer subject to the hormonal fluctuations that plague younger women. Your estrogen and progesterone levels will remain low, meaning mood swings and irritability will be well behind you.

The Culprits behind Menopausal Symptoms

Until then, however, you’re still at the mercy of erratic hormone levels, especially with regard to estrogen. One of estrogen’s foremost responsibilities is to maintain vaginal health. It encourages strong blood flow to the vagina and surrounding tissues so muscles remain strong and healthy. Estrogen also prompts the release of vaginal lubrication during sexual arousal. As this hormone wanes, vaginal tissues become thin and brittle. Dryness also sets in, which can deter from desire and even make intercourse painful.

Hot flashes also intrude upon libido – who wants sex when they’re sweating and caught in a moment of blistering heat? This symptom is not well understood, although it is generally believed a drop in estrogen causes blood vessels to dilate. Blood then rushes through the body and brings with it intense heat. These “flashes” can last for a few seconds or a few minutes and are likely to happen during the day and night.

A lack of sleep can also interfere with libido, and again this problem is common for women in menopause. Unlike the other symptoms, it’s caused by a drop in progesterone rather than estrogen. Progesterone is known to promote drowsiness. As it wanes, sleep patterns become unstable. Women can struggle to fall asleep or even wake in the middle of the night until their progesterone levels stabilize.

Ease the Transition to Menopause

Many women gripped by the discomfort of menopause turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for relief. This controversial medical practice attempts to treat menopause symptoms with estrogen alone or estrogen and progestin combinations. But studies confirm HRT can cause serious health problems like osteoporosis, dementia and heart disease.

A much better alternative is available in an herbal remedy, specially blended to ease the transition to menopause. (SEE: Natural Formula for Hormonal Balance) When provided in the right dosage and with the correct accompanying ingredients, herbs like Licorice and Squawvine help to balance hormones and restore health to the vagina. Your desire for sex will improve even as your other symptoms become more manageable.

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