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Someone Has Turned Off My Pleasure Valve

Are you going through a dry spell or rut and you don't know how to move past it? Learn how you can turn that rut on its ear in no time at all.

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Both my partner and I have noticed that for the past couple of months my sex drive has gone away. It just seemed to disappear and it's really giving us some big problems in our marriage. Are there any safe natural ways that I can increase my sex drive? I just need something to ignite me and then I will get into it because of course I love to have sex. Please give me any advice on how we can get our relationship to be more sex friendly and ignite my passion for sex.


A lot of couples go through these types of dry spells that you describe above. Sometimes your man can feel pressure from his daily responsibilities, and it can cause his mind to drift elsewhere. Some times as women, we tend to let stress take over our frame of mind, and the last thing we feel like thinking about during stressful periods is having sex.

Can't Get It Up

These types of reactions to stress are completely natural for both sexes, however they also tend to have adverse reactions on our partners as well. Sex viewed from the male perspective is much different than that of woman. I think it's no great scientific secret that even the patterns in which a woman’s brain functions during sex is different than that of a man. The truth is, that even the slightest change in a woman's brain chemistry, linked with stress or anxiety has the ability to ruin a female's sexual libido.

When Does It Happen

I know for a fact that women of all ages experience this type of sexual dysfunction, because we all feel stressed out at some point in our lives, it's bound to happen. What it really comes down to is, if your head isn't in the game, then neither will your body.

I recently had a similar experience with my boyfriend, and I'm sure it wasn't fun for him at all. In fact, it just left him utterly confused. As a man, he views sex as a way to feel closest to me. As a woman I feel the same way, just on a more emotional level.

How To Fix It

The best thing that worked for us was not rushing into anything full force. Nobody wants to be put on a sex schedule so they can make themselves believe that they're back on track. These things take time, you'll both have to be committed to putting in the extra effort.

You may start by simply setting aside some time each night to verbally interact with your partner. This is best done in bed, so that the two of you are in your most relaxed states. You should use this time to decompress from your day. Whatever anxiety you've been holding on to will soon ebb away with this practice of relaxation.

Once you are both in a calm state, you may then try giving each other an erotic massage to spice up the night. (SEE: Sex Drive Boosting Erotic Massage) Remember; do not try to rush into having sex at this point. Slow and steady will win the race.

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