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Female Over-Masturbation, Sexual Addiction and Chronic Exhaustion

Whenever I have some alone time I get aroused and, before I know it, my hands are drifting down into my lap

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I'm a 19-year-old girl who has been masturbating every day since I was 15. Now I’m really worried that I might be addicted to pleasuring myself. I masturbate a minimum of once a day. If I'm home alone and really horny, I might diddle myself 8 times in a single day. Is this too much? Does this make me a sex addict? I ask because lately I can't seem to help myself. Whenever I have some alone time I get aroused and, before I know it, my hands are drifting down into my lap.

I’ve also been feeling a lot more fatigued recently. At first, I chalked that up to my normal teenage pattern of getting less sleep than I need. But then I realized that after I play with myself, I am more tired than normal. Should I stop masturbating? If so, how? Like I said, I feel the urge constantly and it is really powerful.


Are You a Sex Addict?

Habitual masturbation is not always a sign of sexual addiction. People with a high sex drive may feel aroused more often than their peers. This can be especially true among younger people for whom hormonal levels and environmental cues, including oversexualized music, video games, the Internet and other and visual entertainment, are quite high.

The sexual cravings associated with sex addiction, known as hypersexuality and compulsive sexual behavior, are not really about sex. They are an expression of some deeper internal condition such as anxiety, rage, depression or feelings of personal inadequacy. Writing for Psychology Today, clinical psychoanalyst Dr. Frances Cohen Praver explained that, “Like a drug addict or alcoholic, the sex addict relentlessly seeks satisfaction from an external source to palliate an internal pain.”

Masturbation and Sexual Exhaustion:

Even if you’re not addicted to sex, excessive masturbation can lead to unfortunate physical consequences. Over-stimulation can cause the vagina, clitoris and G-spot to lose sensitivity and become more susceptible to infection and injury. This condition is known as sexual exhaustion. Severe cases can result in abrasions on the vagina which can cause excruciating pain during masturbation or intercourse.

Abstaining from sexual activity enables a woman’s body to recover and rejuvenate from sexual exhaustion. Adding herbal formulas to this regimen of rest can help speed the healing of vaginal abrasions and the rekindling of the natural sensitivity of the sex organs.

Masturbation and Mitochondria Fatigue:

It is very common for people to feel fatigued after an orgasm. So, tiredness after masturbation is not unusual. However, severe fatigue that does not follow masturbation or cannot be attributed to factors such as physical exertion, anemia or a lack of sleep may be symptomatic of mitochondria fatigue. This form of chronic exhaustion is linked to decreased functioning of the mitochondria, the microscopic structures that produce energy inside the cells of the body.

Excessive masturbation can contribute to mitochondria fatigue, causing greater than normal tiredness after orgasm. Frequent masturbators who suffer from mitochondria fatigue may experience mood swings or irritability which are relieved only by more masturbation. Obviously, this can lead to a frustrating and debilitating cycle of sexual tension, sexual release and physical exhaustion.

In its severe form, mitochondria fatigue produces symptoms similar to a cold or flu. Left untreated, extreme mitochondria fatigue gradually worsens and can lead to complete physical debilitation.

Reducing the frequency of masturbation (along with getting adequate sleep) should help in alleviating chronic exhaustion. If fatigue persists, however, a solution of herbal supplements (such as Bupleurum, Tumeric Root, Fo-Ti, Chrysanthemum and Milk Thistle) may be used to re-energize the mitochondria.

Masturbation and Relationship Fatigue:

Even if it does not lead to the significant physical problems of sexual exhaustion or mitochondria fatigue, over-masturbation can still pose a threat to your relationship life.

Habitual masturbators often develop difficulty performing with real-life sex partners because their minds and bodies have become conditioned to the private, self-centered and quick release of self-stimulation. These individuals no longer regard sex as a shared experience.

For women, this can lead to a lack of sexual desire and inability to reach an orgasm. When the spark is snuffed out in the bedroom, it’s common for problems to crop up in other areas of the relationship (insecurity, distrust, breakdown in communication, etc.)

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