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The Ramifications Of Early Masturbation

An 18 year old has experienced the results from her frequent masturbation. She is experiencing the side effects to her masturabtion. Learn what she is suffering from now.

Case #: 1175


I am an eighteen year old female and have been masturbating frequently since I was six. My orgasms were always good until about four years ago when I started to continue to feel spurts of pleasure all the time. Am I permanently damaged so that I don't re-seal after every time? Just recently I've noticed my orgasms are considerably less pleasurable. I feel the bare minimum of orgasm, nothing as good as it used to be, and am very scared that this might be permanent. . .Or get even worse. I stopped masturbating for a month or longer to see if it gets better but it has not. Please tell me what's wrong, if it’s permanent, and what I should do?


The vagina is one of the most mercurial parts of the female form. Even when there's nothing going on in our personal lives, there always seems to be something going on down there.

Puberty Problems

Unfortunately early masturbation, especially amongst women who experiment with it before hitting puberty, can be detrimental later down the road. When a woman of adult age masturbates, it releases hormones such as dopamine and serotonin so that the nervous function works properly. A woman who begins masturbatory exploration early in life will tap out these hormonal resources quickly, and subsequently the body will try its hardest to build them up again.

Prepubescent masturbation may also cause the sensitive tissues of the clitoris to become damaged. Luckily, you've already taken the first crucial step to recovering your orgasm by abstaining from masturbation. I usually suggest taking this course of action first and for most to women who feel that their vaginal damage has been self inflicted. Right now your body is on the mend, it may take a few weeks to completely reverse the effects of years worth of masturbation.

Recovering And Detox

The second step to recovery in this particular case would be to find a remedy that works well with your body type. There are some great herbs out there that could be just the thing you need to revitalize and rejuvenate your vagina. Natural herbs such as Dong Quia, Mexican Wild Yam, Mucuna Pruriens, and Maca are great for bringing back sensitivity to the clitoral nerves. (SEE: Natural Clitoral Revitalization) They will also help to bring back any lost blood flow or circulation to the vagina, and reduce any harmful inflammation around the clitoris.

During this time of healing, you may want to stick with your abstinence of masturbation. I would also recommend abstaining from sexual intercourse for at least two weeks, just to be sure body is completely at rest.

Vaginal Exercise

Once the herbs have begun to take effect and your body has had time to heal itself, you may want to begin work on your pelvic floor muscles. You can achieve a tighter vaginal wall by doing a few kegel exercises each day. If you've never done a kegel before, have no fear! They are actually incredibly easy to execute. The next time you are sitting down for a potty break, try to control your stream of urine. If you can start and stop the flow without a problem, then you can kegel like a champ.

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