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Clitoris Insensitivity Means No More Sexual Pleasure for Her

As a young woman, she reached orgasm with just the merest of touches. Even a horseback ride sexually stimulated her. Now that she’s in her 30s, she’s experiencing clitoris insensitivity and can no longer orgasm. Her husband is trying, but she feels nothing.

Case #: 1124


I’m an orphan. Not in the literal sense, but I do feel abandoned. My orgasms have abandoned me. When I was in my 20s, a simple horseback ride would stimulate me. Hell, I had to wear thick pants on several occasions while horseback riding just to prevent my pants from looking soaked. And now in my 30s, I’m lucky if my husband stimulates me. When he and I first met, I would orgasm every time we had sex. But lately, it appears my orgasms have disappeared. I no longer feel the same stimulation around my clitoris as before. Actually, I have no stimulation at all. What’s wrong with me?


Loss of clitoris sensitivity can make you feel less feminine than before. It’s frustrating because this stimulation is the only way most women achieve orgasm. Inability to climax, in turn, forces you to question if you’ll ever again enjoy sex. The answer is yes, but you must first get to the root of why you no longer feel pleasure when your husband touches you. Armed with that information, you can work on restoring sensitivity so sex is again pleasurable.

Because you were once able to easily achieve orgasm, your current inability is the result of an extenuating factor. Part of the change may be relative to age; a woman in her late 30s slows the production of hormones that are crucial to normal sexual functions. Loss of sensation can also be caused by nerve damage from the use of sex toys.

Hormone Imbalance

Prior to menopause, in a stage known as perimenopause, progesterone levels drop off as ovary follicles decrease in number. Many women experience a hormonal imbalance during this time because progesterone is needed to offset the effects of estrogen. Symptoms of progesterone deficiency include vaginal dryness, vaginal looseness and clitoral insensitivity.

Although people largely believe hormone levels naturally remain constant until menopause, the truth is that women as young as age 30 can experience imbalances. Substances that mimic estrogen in the body are present in many foods and commercial products. These can contribute to progesterone deficiencies by introducing more estrogen to the body. Beyond age 30, hormone imbalances tend to accelerate as childbearing years come to a close.

Emotional Traumas

Although the clitoris and vagina need to be stimulated in order for you to feel sexual pleasure, the real act of sex starts in the brain. If you’re not in the right mood or frame of mind to receive stimulation, your body will not physically respond. For instance, a woman who recently lost a parent or has an unresolved issue with her partner may be unable to receive stimulation regardless of how well it’s given.

You might need to look at your current frame of mind and ensure it’s healthy enough for sexual stimulation. Perhaps your partner’s techniques need to change; what was once a turn-on for many people stops being so with time. Together, the two of you might explore new ways for you to reach orgasm during intercourse.


It’s also possible that with time and repeated stimulation you have desensitized the nerves in your clitoris. This tiny organ holds 8,000 nerve endings, and the right stimulation can send you soaring in pleasure. But because the clitoris is so sensitive, it can only accept so much stimulation. If you routinely masturbate or engage in intercourse, it’s possible your clit has been overstimulated. The solution is to give your body a break and focus on intimacy with your husband during sex.

Get Back to Orgasm

You can also restore clitoral sensitivity by taking a natural herbal formula. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Revitalization) Ingredients like Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quai and Cnidium Monnieri restore life to damaged nerve endings and stimulate blood flow to genitalia. These herbs also help flush the body of toxins that can imbalance hormones and interrupt communication signals in the brain. The result will be a new you, ready once more to give and receive sexual pleasure.

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