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Where is the G-Spot, and Why Can’t I Feel It?

Making love doesn’t give her a lot of pleasure because it doesn’t stimulate her clitoris. She also doesn’t know where her G-spot is, nor does vaginal penetration bring her to orgasm.

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When my lover’s penis is inside my vagina, it does not rub on my clitoris directly. And I have yet to discover the G-spot or its effects. Lovemaking just isn’t as “enjoyable” for me. I am quite troubled by this.


Centuries ago, men didn’t believe women could derive pleasure from sex. “Ladies” were raised to believe sexual fulfillment was only for men, and the act of intercourse was to be endured to tend to husbands’ needs and have children. If a woman strayed from conventional thought and actually showed an interest in sex, she was dismissed as a harlot.

This attitude remained firmly ensconced in American and European society until the 1900s. Thanks to some forward-thinking researchers and the development of hand-held vibrators, a woman’s happiness in the bedroom became a considerable component of marital bliss. Today, women talk about intercourse as openly as men do, and their ability to sexually express themselves is as important as ever.

The Female Orgasm

But the inability to reach orgasm stifles a woman’s sexuality and encourages frustration. It’s estimated that 75 percent of all women need more than just intercourse to reach climax. Another 10 percent of females have never experienced orgasm because of vaginal insensitivity or the wrong technique.

A number of factors explain why some women struggle to achieve sexual satisfaction. In part, females have varying degrees of sensitivity. One might easily reach orgasm just from stroking the clitoris, while another might need oral sex. The point is that different women require different forms of stimulation. No textbook method applies.

Many people also lack knowledge about the female body, even women themselves. On average, a woman needs 20 minutes of stimulation before she can reach orgasm. A male who is sexually experienced might not understand this if his previous partner only needed 10 minutes.

In addition, many women have a hard time letting go of inhibitions. Some are afraid to orgasm because they don’t want to lose control of themselves, while others are anxious about their bodies and don’t have enough confidence to enjoy sex. In either case, fear and anxiety can keep a woman from reaching orgasm.

Talking Frankly about the G-Spot

The main organ behind the female orgasm is the clitoris. This tiny button is much larger than what you see from the outside, but for purposes of orgasm you need to know it is loaded with highly-sensitive nerve endings. Those nerves intersect other organs and extend well into the pelvic region.

What about the G-spot? It depends on who you ask. This elusive treasure trove is the subject of hot debate, although most health care professionals agree it can be found with a little effort. The exact location varies from woman to woman, but it is generally about two inches inside the vagina on the front wall. You’ll know you found the right region when your fingertip hits something that feels spongy or ridged.

But finding the G-spot does not denote automatic pleasure. Some women struggle with insensitivity caused by such factors as overstimulation, hormone imbalances and age. Like your willingness to relax and enjoy sex, sometimes the G-spot just needs a little coaxing and the right touch.

Get Your Orgasm

One of the easiest and safest ways to restore sensitivity to your G-spot is with an herbal remedy. The right combination of herbs can work on a number of different levels to improve your vaginal health. (SEE: Rejuvenation for the G-Spot) For instance, the combined effects of Catuaba, Shilajit and Muira Puama improve blood flow, repair damaged nerve endings and increase sensitivity. Still other ingredients enhance libido and stimulate vaginal lubrication so your sexual experiences are equal parts pleasing and poten

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