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My Sexual Problems Have Lead To Insensitivity

Learn about a woman who fears she's created her own undoing, and what she may do to feel whole again.

Case #: 1346


Because I am obsessed with solving my own sexual problems, I have been masturbating all the time, hoping to see an improvement. I started using a vibrator a lot. I have more problems because my clitoris now has very little sensitivity. Sometimes, it even hurts to massage it.


When it comes to feeling pleasure, I'm all for taking matters into your own hands. I've heard women say that some of the best orgasms they've ever had, they had during masturbation. When a woman is first dipping her feet into the pond of sexual exploration, I would definitely recommend figuring out what you like first. This knowledge will come in handy when you start having sexual relations with other people. However, during this time of sexual discovery, I would not suggest using over-sized toys or vibrators. The reason being, vibrators can actually do a lot of damage internally if used too often.

Masturbating Mysteries

Any time a woman begins to integrate a toy that oscillates into their normal routine of masturbation, the neuro- endocrine systems level of negatively charged stress hormones will rise. Stress hormones such as prolactin, dopamine, and epinephrine will have adverse affects on the body's reproductive organs. Over time, this hormonal imbalance will finally tip the scale and pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms may arise.

How It Works

Once these levels of unwanted stress hormones are out weighing the essential hormones, The pituitary and ovarian functions become compromised. This type of imbalance tends to manifest the same effect as if a toxic organ was negatively influencing different parts of the body with numerous hormone receptors in a domino effect. If things progress to this state, your arteries will become inflamed, this will restrict some blood flow to the brain. The shrunken arteries will require high volumes of blood pressure in order to pump a sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. A condition such as this can then lead to migraines, blurred version, sleeping disorders, ear ringing, body or joint pains, liver and kidney inflammation, and disorders that concern the bladder and urethra.

How To Fix It

Firstly, I would definitely recommend not using your vibrator any longer. If you do the numbness will only spread further throughout the vagina, and we don't want that. I would also have you abstain from self pleasure for a few weeks to ensure that your clitoral nerve endings do not become increasingly more agitated during this healing process.

Once you've sent off your cease and desist order to your vibrator, you can then begin the real healing by utilizing herbs such as Dong Quia, Mexican Wild Yam, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, and Pyrola. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Restoration) These herbs will help to reduce any inflammation that has formed around the clitoris, repair damaged nerve endings, and increase blood circulation in the clitoral region.

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