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C-Sections Can Ruin Intimacy in the Bedroom

She had a cesarean section that left her with many unwanted symptoms, all of which now contribute to her loss of libido. She wants to get rid of her symptoms with natural detoxification, but she may need to live with several permanent changes to her body following childbirth.

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I had a cesarean section years ago, but it diminished my desire for sex. I had a vertical cut. I now have frequent urination, memory loss and numbness in my g-spot. I would love to detox my body because I feel that’s what I need to do to get rid of all these symptoms. If I am wrong, please tell me what to do.


Cesarean sections have been called the most common surgeries in America. One in three babies in the U.S. is now born with this procedure, and its commonality belies the fact that it’s a major surgery. The truth is that a cesarean birth profoundly changes your body, and the traditional six weeks healing time are rarely enough for a woman to fully recover. That said, some women are changed forever: they develop permanent numbness around their incisions and/or stress incontinence. These factors can contribute to low sex drive, which is a familiar complaint among women who have undergone c-sections. So don’t feel alone in what you’re experiencing, because you’re not.

C-Section and Low Sex Drive

During a c-section, doctors cut many layers of tissue and fat to reach the abdominal muscles. Once there, he or she will separate the muscles to expose the uterus, which is also cut. This procedure allows the baby to be extracted but also requires a great deal of stitching to put the tissue back together. You have the right picture if this process sounds labor-intensive. A c-section also creates significant trauma to the body that yields unpleasant side effects.

One of the most well-known of these effects is low libido, which occurs immediately after childbirth because of fluctuating hormones. Your sex drive may stay suppressed for a number of reasons, including the fact that making love seems like just another chore to a mother with a young child. Your libido will further suffer if you have a poor body image because of your c-section scar or because your abdomen is no longer as taut as it once was.

Numbness in your vagina as a result of the vertical incision made during your c-section can also contribute to loss of libido. That incision cut the muscles and nerves in your abdomen, and it can take time for them to regrow. In some instances, the nerves never regenerate and simply remain numb.

The final factor contributing to your low sex drive is urinary incontinence, or the frequent urge to urinate. Pelvic floor muscles normally work with surrounding nerves and ligaments to support the bladder and prevent urine from leaking. But pregnancy can weaken the muscles and compromise the bladder’s support. Although unlikely, a c-section may also cause damage to nerves and tissues that help you control your bladder, which in turn causes you to urinate more frequently.

Get Back to Your Old Self

Pregnancy and labor wreak havoc on the female body, but your must remember childbirth is a normal process. You’re on no pre-ordained timeline to heal, and your body may never return to exactly what it was before you gave birth. Therefore, one of the keys to feeling like your old self is to be patient. Regard yourself with kindness and compassion, and speak to your partner about trying new things to spark romance: kiss and cuddle before making love, go to bed without worry or pressure and experiment with lubricants and massage.

To naturally restore libido, opt for an herbal formula with ingredients like Catauba, Epimedium and Pyrola (also known for Clitoral & Vaginal Repair). These increase the body’s blood flow and prompt release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Catauba is also known to decrease stress and anxiety, a function that will help to improve your memory and get you in the mood for love. Herbs that promote libido may or may not detoxify your liver, but you can also achieve this with exercise and balanced nutrition.

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