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A Horny Couple Can’t Resist Not Having Sex Even with Her Severe Vaginal Infection

His wife suffers from vaginal discharge and she is getting no relief from antibiotics.

Case #: 44481


We are a horny couple that addicted to sex. We have to have sex each day. I guess it’s a way to show love for each other. We are in a tough situation, because we've had frequent sex even with my erection problem and her vaginal infection.

Right now, her inflamed vagina is releasing thick discharge constantly while urinating. Our doctors just keep on prescribing different antibiotics but nothing helps. I think she is infected by multiple strains of bacteria, because at times there is some smell in her discharge and at other times there is no smell.


The antibiotics are not helping her problems. Antibiotics kill good bacteria in the body and weaken her overall immunity, making her susceptible to future infection. Her problems might be due to an elevation of her progesterone and prolactin levels. Also reduction of estrogen secretion is due to sexual exhaustion.

To reduce recurrent vaginal discharges, supplement with lactobacillus cultures, a type of good bacteria that's common in your vagina. Good type of Lactobacillus can be easily outpaced the harmful vaginal bacteria if her immunity also improved.

Take a break from your daily sexual routine and let your body rest. Since both of you are already experiencing multiple symptoms of sexual exhaustion, try to recover yourself before more severe symptoms began to surface and would require a much longer time to recover, then you will be really miss sex.

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