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The Orgasm Queen: Can Every Woman Have G-Spot Orgasms?

A woman wonders why she can only have clitoral orgasms even though her boyfriend can easily come during intercourse.

Case #: 1250


My boyfriend calls me the orgasm queen. I can make him orgasm with just a simple movement of my legs. The problem is, he can’t do the same for me. When we have sex, I can easily have a clitoris orgasm. It’s the G-spot orgasm that eludes me. What’s wrong with me? Has my G-spot disappeared?


It doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with you if you can easily have clitoral orgasms. If you were able to experience vaginal orgasms without clitoral stimulation before, and now you have lost some G-spot sensation, then that might be cause for concern. It might mean you've developed some sexual exhaustion symptoms or, at worst, some issues with hormone levels. Fortunately, both these problems are treatable.

Sexual Exhaustion and G-Spot Insensitivity

Just like with any other fun (or even beneficial) activity, it is possible to have too many orgasms. The body maintains a reserve of hormones and nutrients that support sexual stimulation and climax. Erectile tissues, such as the clitoris and G-spot, require an adequate supply of nitrous oxide to swell in preparation for sex and orgasm. Prostaglandins and other hormones that regulate inflammation ensure than the stress on soft tissues from friction during sexual activity is resolved and healed. DHEA and testosterone are required to trigger an orgasm.

Frequent sexual activity, especially in people who are already vulnerable to hormonal upset, can cause shortages in these resources. The more the problem progresses, the more stimulation you will require to orgasm, and the orgasm itself might be less intense.

Who Has G-Spot Orgasms?

Intercourse as a sexual activity may be how you make a baby. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that it guarantees mutual pleasure.

If you've never had G-spot orgasms before, there's no need to worry, because you're in the company of many healthy women with great sex lives. Scientific research indicates that the vast majority of women who have orgasms during sex are only able to do so with some amount of clitoral stimulation. Despite what your boyfriends might tell you about their sexual escapades before they met you, the truth is that only about 30 percent of women are able to have orgasms just from PIV stimulation.

How to Join the 30 Percent

Whether you have lost vaginal and G-spot sensation due to sexual depletion, or if you just want to start experiencing G-spot orgasms, there are some things you can try. You may discover that new angles and positions work better for you than what you and your partner have already tried. Doing regular Kegel exercises can make it easier for you to achieve orgasm by giving you more control over your pelvic floor. You can also try herbal remedies and supplements for G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair that may assist with natural hormone replenishment between sex sessions.

What to do

G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair

Scar tissue, caused by vaginal tissue repair, affects the sensitivity of the G-spot, vagina, and clitoris. Vibrators, shower jets, or other sex toys can damage the vaginal tissue and nerve endings that are connected to the G-spot. G-Spot...

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