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How Can I Give My Girlfriend An Orgasm

Learn how a discouraged young man desperately wants to please his significant other, and what he can do to get her off.

Case #: 614


I'm new to sex. Sure, I’ve watched my fair share of porn’s to give me a visual idea of what I need to do, but once I’m inside my partner, I maneuver like a new-born fawn. And with a more experienced partner, I can see the frustration on her face. She tries to guide me into the right spot, and while I continue to stimulate her as she asks, she never can orgasm.

She tells me again and again, “Only one man has ever made me orgasm.” I want to satisfy her. I want to be the man who saves her sex life from the dire state it’s in. But I need help. What could be the reason why my partner cannot orgasm? I stimulate her clitoris for hours and hours—only to see the same lack of result. Maybe her clitoris no longer experiences sensitivity?


I love this case, because we all want nothing more than to please and pleasure our sexual partners to no end. It's important to remember that we are not animals. We as humans are more complex, and do not go into our first sexual experiences with all the knowledge on how everything works.

I will admit, pornography is great for the offhand tip however, it's also the most overly dramatic expression of sex. You can't compare your sexual performance to the well lit, great angled and perfectly edited performance of others.

First Time For Everything

The first few times I had sex I'm sure I looked and felt like a mess. I'm willing to bet that the first time many of us had sex, we all looked a bit off. The problem I had, was that I never voiced what I thought I might like, and because of my unwillingness to voice my opinion I went six years without having an orgasm.

Luckily, I found my voice along with an amazing new man. I became determined to have full and complete sexual experiences with my man each and every time we engaged in sex. And as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. In this case, practice makes for mind blowing orgasms for the both of us.

Headed In The Right Direction

The good news is, you're on the right path! I don't know of many women who are able to reach orgasm through penetration alone. Most women need to be stimulated clitoraly in order to fly over the edge.

Though it is a possibility your girlfriend has lost some sensitivity in the clitoris, it's also a bit unlikely. In order to really lose any feeling, the vagina would have to be put through some sort of traumatic event where the nerve endings there were severed or scalded. There are over 8,000 nerve endings in the vaginal area, and you only need a few to work for you. An almost sure fire way to get your girl off is to let her do the riding.

Reality Check

Have your girlfriend get on top of you during sex, forward facing cowgirl style. Once you're both in position, have her lean forward so that her clitoris can grind on your pelvic bone. Let her set the pace with the grinding and give her time to seek out her own orgasm.

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