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The Story of Vaginal Discharge and Her Accompanying Symptoms

She experiences thick, white discharge every month at the middle of her menstrual cycle. It is accompanied by a metallic odor, vaginal inflammation and a burning sensation when she urinates. These symptoms suggest natural fluctuations in her vagina’s environment, which she can manage with an herbal remedy.

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The last couple days I’ve been mid-cycle, and I’ve noticed thick white discharge with little smell. If anything, it smells metallic, not yeasty at all. But with this discharge, my whole vaginal area has been inflamed and sore. I even have some burning when I pee. I’ve noticed this before, and I used to treat it as a yeast infection. But the treatment never worked. What do you think might be causing this? What natural options do I have for treating it?


The vagina has spurred much consideration and significant debate. Even after all the studying and endless discussions, this portion of a woman’s body remains mysterious. The vagina’s ability to be self-sustaining contributes to its mystery. Even more confounding is that the vagina’s entire ecosystem can rapidly change not as an indication of disease, but simply because of individual chemistry.

The discharge it emits is another part of the vagina that perplexes even those women who endure it. One thing to be clear of is this: every female has vaginal discharge. The quantity and consistency often change during a given month, depending on where a woman is in her menstrual cycle. But some discharge, namely that which is clear or milky white in color, contributes to a healthy vagina and hence a healthy female.

The Vagina’s Usual Environment

One of the foremost roles of the vagina is to prevent bacteria from entering the body. It does this by maintaining an acidic environment with a pH level that mimics tomatoes and/or beer. The acid is necessary to allow beneficial bacteria to flourish and keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Beneficial bacteria, also known as flora or microbes, contribute to the vagina’s naturally unstable state. his instability is a source of angst for most women, who continually wonder if their subsequent discharge is normal or not. Discharge itself is quite normal because it helps the vagina expel unwanted bacteria, dead skin cells, toxins, and dirt. In this manner, discharge keeps the vagina clean.

Signs to Watch For

Not all discharge, however, is created equally. Some suggest illness or disease, and the difference between what is and isn’t normal typically lies in color and consistency. For instance, discharge that resembles cottage cheese indicates a yeast infection, while discharge that is yellowish and fishy-smelling can be symptomatic of a bacterial infection.

Some discharge is naturally excessive and unpleasant smelling without the presence of illness. Again, this is attributed to the vagina’s naturally unstable environment. Colonies of microbes inhibit the vagina from birth. They are not altered by the usual factors that change bacteria in other places of the body – such as the perfume that alters skin bacteria or the food that alters stomach bacteria. Instead, the microbes appear to change in response to the vagina itself. They can regenerate and recolonize during times of puberty, menstruation and intercourse.

These fluctuations significantly impact vaginal discharge. Because yours is most problematic at mid-cycle, the discharge you experience is likely a result of ovulation. This event can also alter the vagina’s environment, probably because of changes in estrogen levels.

Natural Ways to Control Discharge

One serious mistake that women and health care givers make is to treat vaginal disruptions with antibiotics. These can further interfere with the vagina’s delicate environment and also create medicine-resistant bacteria. The bacteria as a whole help women remain fertile, pass crucial traits to their offspring and even protect mother and infant during labor.

The better alternative for women who want to manage excessive vaginal discharge is a specially-blended herbal remedy. (TRY: Natural Remedy for Vaginal Odor) Created in honor of a female member of the Chinese Qing Dynasty, one formula in particular works to regulate hormones, rejuvenate cells and slow the vagina’s natural aging process. The result is a cleaner environment to prevent unwanted odor and painful inflammation in and around the vagina.

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