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Swallowed Vaginal Discharge has Shrunk His Penis

He has been swallowing large quantities of her stringy, brown vaginal discharge, and now his penis is shrinking.

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My boyfriend and I are doing oral on each other to increase our intimacy. It gave me intense pleasure and produced a large quantity of brownish discharge. As a gesture of pleasure, my boyfriend has been swallowing this large quantities of my stringy, brown vaginal discharge and put his mouth over my over-stimulated vagina for more orgasm. After couple times of ingestion of my vaginal fluid, I noticed that his penis shrunk almost an inch and his erection is not as hard as before.


Obviously, your boyfriend ate a lot of enzyme-resisting, yeasted progesterone and estrogen as well as toxins, which has led to his penile shrinkage. The simple solution for him is to stop performing oral sex as long as you are suffering from excessive vaginal discharge (possibly a yeast infection). He should try Liver Flush – Cleanse Your Liver Naturally, to flush out the hormones and toxins from his body. Those chemicals put a strain on his erectile tissues. He can restore his size back by ballooning his penis using this effective technique: Penile Balloon Technique.

In the presence of excessive progesterone, thick white mucus will build up in the uterus and cervix. Vaginal yeasts will turn this white mucus into a cheese color, sometimes with stingy odor.

You can also heal your vaginal discharge with lactobacillus cultures, a type of good bacteria that's common in your vagina. See Lactobacillus For Healthy Vagina for a list of lactobacillus that is suitable for you. If you are taking birth control medication or other prescription, try Vaginal Relief & Detoxification Formula to breakdown and detox out the excessive hormones in your body and relieve symptoms associated with yeast infection.

Good hygiene may prevent unhealthy vaginal discharge. Rinse soap from your outer genital area after a shower, and dry the area well to prevent irritation. Wipe from front to back after using the toilet to avoid spreading fecal bacteria to your vagina. Use a male latex condom to help avoid infections spread by sexual contact. Wear cotton underwear and pantyhose with a cotton crotch. Avoid wearing underwear to bed, as yeast thrives in moist environments.

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