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Damage from a Former Partner – Use of a Vibrator Desensitized her G-Spot

In her mid-20s, she has reached orgasm plenty of times during masturbation and intercourse. Most of her sexual experience, however, is the result of her tried and true vibrator. Repeated use has desensitized her G-spot, and now she struggles to reach orgasm.

Case #: 1192


When I was 16, I had my first orgasm. I remember in detail how it felt. I remember how nervous I felt sticking my fingers in and out of my vagina. I even remember how acrid my room smelled after. Since my first orgasm, I have experimented a lot. I’ve tried vibrators. I’ve tried phallic objects. And yes, I’ve even tried a few partners. Although nothing could substitute a man, I had a portable, durable partner when I was single – a vibrator. And now in my mid-20s, I experience insensitivity in my G-spot. What could have caused this issue?


The memory of your first orgasm often stays with you for quite some time. It’s a rite of passage, into finding and experiencing the many pleasures of life. Whether solo or with a partner, it also opens the door to many more future orgasms.

Sometimes, however, that door can lead you down a rabbit hole that with time brings more pain than pleasure. Experimenting with your sexuality is a normal and healthy thing to do, and using sex toys not only heightens awareness of your body but also increases your likelihood of orgasm. Ironically, repeated use of sex toys can also desensitize your nerves and leave you unable to reach climax.

Lessons on the G-Spot

The G-spot was for a long time one of the most confounding mysteries of the female body. Its exact size and location varies from woman to woman, but for the most part it sits about two inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. It can be identified from the rest of the vagina by touch; its surface is slightly rough and bumpy, not unlike corduroy.

Although it is now widely accepted that every woman has a G-spot, it still eludes many. Clitoral stimulation is often the only way for women to achieve orgasm. The fact that you can locate your G-spot and reach orgasm by touching it means you’re well attuned to your body and sexual needs.

Damage Caused by Sex Toys

The G-spot is stimulated in the same way as the clitoris: with repeated caresses that eventually give way to orgasm. This spot is harder to reach when indulging in self pleasure, which makes the use of a sex toy ideal. A variety of vibrators and dildos are designed with this in mind, and they pulsate and gyrate at varying speeds with varying degrees of power to provide the perfect sexual experience.

Although it hardly seems possible, both your clitoris and G-spot can be overstimulated. The most common cause of this is repeated use of sex toys. These toys intend to give pleasure, but they’re not designed to account for the delicate nature of human tissue. Thus, the fact that they vibrate with such intense force means they have the ability to cause harm.

One of the most important features of a vibrator is this: it makes direct contact with the G-spot and with time can desensitize the nerves. This is no different from rubbing the same spot on your leg or arm for a long time. You eventually stop feeling pleasure and instead an uncomfortable numbness sets in. Once the nerves start to lose sensitivity, it requires increasingly harder force and prolonged durations for you to reach orgasm. The damage eventually impairs your ability to climax.

Harnessing the Healing Power of Herbs

The damage caused by vibrators is not permanent. In order to help you heal more quickly, you should refrain from using a sex toy for some time. Explore your body and find other ways to reach orgasm, including clitoral stimulation. Also talk to your partner and ask him to experiment with you.

You can increase the speed of your G-spot recovery by harnessing the healing powers of herbs. An all-natural blend of such ingredients as Muira Puama, Yohimbe and Shilajit can improve blood flow to your vagina and promote the growth of healthy tissue. (TRY: G-Spot Resotration & Nerve Repair Solution) It will also repair damaged nerve endings and increase your desire so sex is better than ever – better even than with a sex toy.

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