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Women’s Low Sex Drive: When Your Libido’s in Toledo But You Live in New Orleans

This study is based on a man’s concern for his girlfriend’s loss of interest in sex after she stopped taking birth control pills. How common is this situation and more importantly, what can be done about it?

Case #: 483


My girlfriend had been taking birth control pills for about a year and then decided to go off them for a little while. She seems to have lost all interest in sex and I can’t help but wonder if the two facts are connected. Could they be? I read something about a loss of testosterone and dopamine after withdrawal from the pill. Can she do something to get back whatever it is that she can no longer find? Please help me so that I can help her.


Sex Drive Complications

There is no question that the female psyche is complicated, hormonally, emotionally and sometimes even logically. For example, if a woman says to a man, “don’t call me” and he doesn’t, she can become angry for the simple reason that he didn’t call her.

Women understand this; men don’t. It is estimated that 30 percent of American women suffer from a diminished sex drive and some experts (and non- experts as well) believe birth control pills are often the culprit. Most concede, however, many variables combine to impact a woman’s sex drive.

In the words of Sarah L. Berga, MD and chair of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine: “There are so many different variables that play a role in the function of sex drive that it’s difficult to independently isolate the impact of any one of them.”

The Pill and the Female Libido: A Fight at The Not OK Corral

Many gynecologists consider estrogen to be the main source of the female libido. Birth control pills alter a woman’s natural hormonal balance and this in turn can affect sexual appetite. Emotions play an important part in the way women feel about sex. For many men, this is different, as they can more easily disassociate sex from surrounding circumstances.

Birth control pills can also be an excuse for low sex drive, as it is easier to blame the side effects of pills than to face other emotional or relationship issues that may be greatly influencing sexual desire. A decreased sex drive can also be the result of other factors such as: fatigue, poor body image, a troubled relationship and depression.

The Libido Returns from a Long, Unrewarding Trip

Dealing with a loss of libido takes courage and is a process. First, have an honest discussion with your doctor, but do your homework and come prepared with questions. Think about changes that may have occurred and try to tie them into the current situation. The point of change is a very important element in determining the exact cause of the loss of libido.

Restoring the female libido means correcting hormonal balance. A botanical blend of herbs can help to expel the metabolite residues from birth control pills that is wreaking so much havoc in your sex life...(more)

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