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More Than Just a Pretty Face: She Wants Men to be Attracted to Her, But All She’s Focused on is Her Physical Appearance

From the outside looking in, she seems to have it all – a fit body, pretty face and beautiful eyes. But men aren’t attracted to her. She’s looking for someone who will treat her like a princess. First, however, she needs to find a way to be sexier.
Case #: 1777

Hey, everybody. I have a really strong question to ask. I don’t date because I feel it is a waste of time and money. I know dating is the only way I will find anyone, but I am waiting to be treated like a princess. I want to be romanced. I think I am a good looking girl. I am 5’10” and weigh only 137 pounds. I have beautiful eyes – I know this because I always get compliments on my eyes. I am a really great, outgoing person. I am in great shape and try to avoid drugs or smoking. I drink on occasions. I don’t know why I don’t feel so attractive or why men don’t hit on me. I wish a guy would just walk up to me and tell me the nicest thing ever, I would jump on him in an instant. I love sex but can’t attract anyone who wants to have sex with me. Please help me.

People collectively and woefully emphasize physical appearance. Just as a man with a lackluster personality but great body can think women should flock to him, a woman with a beautiful face but a preoccupation with herself might think men should fall at her feet. But men and women both must bring more to the table than good looks. This means turning your attention outward and seeing the world around you. You’ll feel more fulfilled and be more interesting, and men in turn will notice.
The Truth of Sexual Attraction

When looking for romance, people pin all their hopes on how they look. A woman will style her hair, dress in trendy clothes and wear cosmetics. The one trait she won’t pay attention to is her personality. But everything about you – your values, interests and beliefs – radiate from within. This means sexual attraction depends in equal parts on your physical and internal beauty. You need to be the whole package, not just a pretty face, before men will find you attractive.
Don’t confuse what we’re saying with charm, a temporary way to engage a man by saying what you think he wants to hear. What men really want is a woman who’s slightly vulnerable, who lets a man be himself without passing judgment. A woman also needs to be able to express her own fears and desires. This is the beginning of that all-important chemical spark.
A woman must also balance genuine kindness with feminine allure. Men like to be kept on their toes but also like to feel appreciated. Just remember this: even as you want to know a man for his true self, a man wants to know your deepest and most sincere thoughts as well. This path of mutual discovery gets lost when a person is only fixed on her appearance.
Boost Your Confidence

As long as we’re talking about sexual attraction, we have to touch upon the quality of being sexy. Taking care of yourself physically is an admirable trait, one that conveys to men you aren’t lazy or careless. But the single sexiest trait a woman can possess is confidence.
On April 14, 2014, a feature story in The Atlantic stated women are less confident than men. Many ladies need to feel pretty in order to feel self-assured. Some also need a “good” job, a fit body and financial success. While men occasionally doubt themselves, they don’t let that doubt steer them off course. Women do.
You said you don’t feel attractive, a statement that suggests you need some confidence building. Improve your self-esteem by letting go of defeating assumptions. You said you’re a good person, so believe it. Also take responsibility for your actions, be proud of who you are and apologize for your mistakes. These simple steps will boost your confidence.
Let Your Scent Do the Talking

Now that we’ve gotten all the heavy stuff out of the way, we can move onto something lighter but equally effective in attracting male attention. You are physically beautiful and know how to conduct yourself in a vulnerable but alluring manner. The final component to this mix is scent, or more specifically, pheromones. (SEE: Attractment Enhancment Pheromones for Women)
Pheromones occur naturally in the body and send subtle messages of attraction to members of the opposite sex. The messages are relayed through scent, which helps a man distinguish you from other women and, more importantly, remember who you are. In short, pheromones are powerful components of attraction, and using a product that contains them will help draw males to you.

What to do

Pheromones Guide For Female

Your nose determines beauty.

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