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A Watched Pot Never Orgasms

His 29-year-old girlfriend never orgasms. He has never had a partner who couldn’t orgasm before; it is not an issue of length. What can help his girlfriend reach orgasm?

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My girlfriend and I have been having sex for 7 months now. She is 29 and has never had an orgasm. I have never had a partner that has not been able to have an orgasm. Lately, when she is on top we have gotten it to a good rhythmic movement and she just doesn't orgasm. I really want to help her reach an orgasm. I practice the ballooning technique and am almost 8 inches when ballooned. She said my penis is the biggest one she has been with. I have read all the articles on women not being able to orgasm on the site but I got confused and didn’t read any that would help get her to reach orgasm.


First off, take a deep breath. This issue is not your fault, nor is it your girlfriend’s fault. However, you need to stop focusing on sex, sexual technique, and penis length as the keys to orgasm. Orgasms are a complex process for females; much more complicated than they are for males. The issue could be anywhere between her genitals and her brain—blood vessels, nerves, hormones, and ideas can all impede a woman from reaching orgasm.

I’ll go through some techniques you can use that will help her find orgasm, and I’d suggest beginning an herbal course that focuses on rejuvenating the clitoral and g-spot regions. I’m sure a holistic approach will solve all your problems.

Is She an Old Hand?

My first question is: how comfortable and knowledgeable is your girlfriend about her body? Has she done much personal experimentation? Is she comfortable exploring herself and her sexual response? It is much more difficult to try to reach orgasm through intercourse if a woman has never tried to reach orgasm on her own. Does she have any mental issues with the idea of nudity, sex, pleasure, or giving herself pleasure? Allow her the space to practice on her own, and ask her if she’d like your help when you’re together.

Once she begins to know what feels the best, she can direct you and ask for your help. Four pairs of hands are better than two!

Make Her Lose Her Mind

Never rush her; in the beginning I’m sure your exploratory sessions are going to be quite extended. Don’t push her to finish; try focusing on an enjoyment of the process of giving her pleasure. Make the scene a special one—light candles, strew rose petals, put on music. Instead of focusing on her climax, concentrate on all of her. Give her a massage, and work into touching her erotically. It might benefit her to see or read something erotic, or it might turn her off.

Open communication is key in finding orgasm. Above all, do not ever tell her about how you’ve never had this problem before, or that all your other lovers were able to do it. This sort of emotional manipulation will build walls in her mind, making it much harder to concentrate on good sensations and not on all the things you’ve said to her before—especially when she’s already “trying” to come.

Doing something with an expectation of a result is a sure way to ruin the experience. In all things, try to take her mind off of her orgasm. Take her mind off of everything. Try to get her to a state where she is all sensation; all body. Then she will come to it naturally!


It could be that her body isn’t as responsive as it should be. This is where that rejuvenating supplement comes in. (SEE: Orgasm Enhancement Herbal Remedy) This remedy contains herbs that cause increased blood flow and nerve growth to the genital areas. It also contains powerful libido enhancers, as well as herbs for healthy vaginal health. The increased blood flow will cause increased sensation, as when the clitoris, vagina and g-spot engorge with blood, it causes them to become much more sensitive, with the nerve endings more readily accessible.

I think that if you choose to try this supplement and slow things down in the bedroom for a while, you will soon have your girlfriend orgasming. Walk before you run! She must learn how to orgasm on her own or with your help before she’ll be able to during sex. Best of luck!

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