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A Dry Oasis Where Your Vagina Lives?

What causes dryness of the vagina? And what is the inside information on douching?

Case #: 564


Monica, a female in her mid-40s, suffers from dryness in her vagina. As a remedy, she has turned to douching, which has not helped. Monica would like to regain her inner balance and bring back her zest for sex.


When Did My Vagina Become the Sahara Desert?

You are not alone, but you may feel like you are as you contemplate what the reasons are that your body has stopped lubricating itself. You want that balance back! And you are feeling out of balance the more you think about this issue. You want your inner harmony! You want a guide to vaginal dryness.

Chemical Douching is a Don’t!

You may think a chemical douche cleansing or even a cream can help, but NOOOOO!!! The chemicals in douching products can actually increase inflammation and dryness. And while the vagina is an amazing component of nature capable of naturally cleaning itself, dryness can stymie the efforts of the organism to self cleanse.

You may try douching, but only if you feel you are not receiving cleansing benefits because of dryness. If you do douche, try a homemade concoction with VERY diluted hydrogen peroxide, or VERY diluted apple cider vinegar and water. When combined with natural herbs and oils, such as tea tree oil and calendula, douching can soothe any irritation from the dryness or from sexual activity.

Let’s Look a Little Deeper

Estrogen may be your sex hormone culprit. Estrogen keeps the vagina lubricated, the vaginal tissues in good elasticity, and helps with proper vaginal acidity.

When estrogen starts shifting within, your body will respond to this estrogen imbalance. Around ages 40-60 in women, estrogen levels begin to lower as menopause sets in. Stress, any major trauma, childbirth, breastfeeding, sexual exhaustion, excessive masturbation, as well as medications and smoking can affect estrogen levels as well.

So it would be a suggestion to take a look at what is going on with your body and see if anything shifted right around the time you began to notice vaginal dryness.

Bring Back that Inner Harmony

On the path to reviving the moisture in your vagina there are a few things to consider:

1) Have you located a possible correlation of natural shifting and dryness?

2) Stay clear of chemicals.

3) Drink plenty of water.

You may also want to contemplate a natural herbal supplement to boost and condition the body from within, such as an advanced botanical formula for vaginal dryness. This may help reconstruct and promote inner wellness to your endocrine, reproductive, and immune systems to achieve outer harmony of the body.

In the meantime….

As you establish your natural protocol for bodily harmony and want to get your sexy on…try a water-based lubricant till your body revives itself.

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