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Clueless on Creamy Discharge

For twenty-five years, she has had a continual thick, white and sometimes yellow vaginal discharge. She notices that the flow occurs when she feels pressure from her colon. She feels itchy and irritated, but has no blood-traceable disease. What can this be?

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For the past 25 years I have had to live with a thick, white, and sometimes yellow vaginal discharge. When there is pressure from an upcoming bowel movement I start to notice there is a flow of thick, white discharge. There is also an itchy irritation, but I have had blood work that came back clean. So what can this discharge be? Help?


It sounds as though you’ve suffered from recurring yeast infections for much of your life! I know many women for whom this is the norm. The first thing to do is to try to prevent the occurrence; the second is to treat it quickly when it does occur. Many things can cause this problem, but there are just a few simple things that will keep it from coming back.

Hormone Hassle

For some women, their hormones are what decide when they get yeast infections. Your estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate throughout the month—as progesterone increases, so too does your cervical mucous levels, which in turn creates more vaginal discharge. This alone could explain your continual discharge, but I’m inclined to think the problem is a full-on yeast infection, as you describe itchiness and irritation as well: two signalers for yeast issues.

Agar Plate

The excess vaginal discharge caused by progesterone fluctuations creates a breeding ground for certain types of yeast. Yeast needs sugar to grow, that’s why all bread includes sugar, even if just a small amount. Your vaginal secretions can contain sugar as well, as cervical mucous can contain traces of all sorts of chemical compounds. Women who smoke marijuana continually will find cannabinoids in their cervical mucous, whilst women with a sweet tooth, or diabetes, will have glucose-rich mucous.

Normally, your vaginal bacteria produce enough of an acid byproduct to prevent the growth of these noxious yeasts, but the continual presence of thick cervical mucous can neutralize the acidic environment, giving invasive yeasts a place to bloom and grow.

How to Move Forward

What you need to do at this point is to stabilize your hormones, to ensure that your body isn’t overproducing progesterone, and therefore cervical mucous, you need to detoxify your body of any excess glucose compounds, and you need to increase your body’s immunity by increasing the number of positive acid-producing bacteria.


You can easily control the amount of positive bacteria in your vagina; they’re the same kind as what you find in yogurt. Begin a diet in which you regularly eat yogurt, and you’ll begin noticing a decrease in your itchy, irritating discharge.

You can also insert plain yogurt into your vagina, if at any point you have a recurrence of itchiness, irritation, or odor. It’s a messy solution, but it works quickly, and is entirely safe, and even proactive, for your vagina. You’ll still be seeing a thick, white discharge throughout this stage, however, because you haven’t yet altered your body’s levels of progesterone.

Herbal Solution

For this, I’m recommending that you begin an herbal remedy full of detoxifiers and hormone helpers. Fenugreek, Mexica and Wild Yam assist your body in normalizing hormone levels. (SEE: Natural Formula for Vaginal Discharge Restoration) Dong Quai is a strong detoxifier that keeps the female reproductive system full of fresh, clean blood. Bupleurum keeps your kidneys and liver functioning at the highest ability. You will soon see an end to your ongoing yeast infections with this remedy!

What to do

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