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A Vibration Embarrasing Situation

Young woman cannot reach orgasm with the use of a vibrator. No matter how good the technique of her lover, she cannot climax. What can be done to change her solo orgasm into a partnered paradise?

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I am a 24-year-old female from Hong Kong. I have a big problem when I make love with a partner. I’ve never had one orgasm from sex with guys before, but I can have it by using a vibrator. Even when I make love with someone who is experienced and has good technique, I cannot reach orgasm. How can I change this terrible situation?


It seems that using a vibrator has caused damage to the tiny nerve endings and capillaries in your genitals, resulting in a lack of sensation for you during sex with a partner. Many women are unaware how truly delicate their own genital area is; repeatedly using a vibrator can cause scar tissue to develop, effectively blocking sensation in your clitoris and vagina.

The scar tissue can also prevent the tiny capillaries that feed your vaginal and clitoral area from allowing a healthy sexual response. A vagina and clitoris without healthy blood flow won’t result in a very interesting sexual experience for a woman!

Hormone Warzone

Even beyond potentially damaging your sex organs, the biofeedback that is the result of over using a vibrator can have a highly detrimental effect on your sexual experience. By continuously being stimulated via vibrator, your body can be triggered into over releasing stress hormones.

After orgasm, dopamine and oxytocin levels fall sharply, while prolactin levels rise. Low levels of dopamine cause symptoms of depression, low sex drive, and a lack of enjoyment in the world.

Low levels of oxytocin create an inability to orgasm, as oxytocin is the hormone that allows the uterus and vagina to clench during orgasm. Low oxytocin can also lead to feelings of loneliness, clinginess, and stress. Raised levels of prolactin result in feelings of anxiety and stress, as well as suppressing sexual response and desire.

Stop Stimulating

To begin to feel again, you must scale back on your vibrator use. According to research, it is not uncommon for women to report numbness or desensitivity in the genitals after prolonged vibrator use.

The most common injunction is to take a respite from the vibrator to allow your nerves and capillaries to heal. When you do have sex, do you commonly jump right into the fray, without any sort of prelude to intimacy? It might help you in the future to try to excite other parts of the body before beginning intercourse.

Stimulating the nipples and breasts causes a release of oxytocin, which, with your levels potentially lowered from vibrator overuse, can aid you in orgasm.

Renew You

It is important to look into a restorative solution while you give your vibrator a rest. Consider a course that can heal tissue, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and cleanse excess toxins from the body.

Increasing blood flow to the vagina and clitoris will have an invigorating effect on your next sexual encounter, and flushing the excess hormones from your body will promote a better sexual response, and increased sensation. I hope you experience partnered orgasm soon!

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